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Discover The World: 7 Reasons You Should Visit China In 2018

Here are 7 reasons you should visit China in 2018. All of these reasons come from either residents, travel experts of tourists.

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#1 Culture and History

The main reason I can think of is culture and history. China has many cultural and historical places, like the Great Wall. I mean, people even made a movie about the Great Wall of China. Many buildings are very unique and cultural and they show ancient Chinese history.

Contributors: Welton Wang from What If Hq

#2 Make New Friends


The #1 reason to visit China are the people. People make culture, and China has an incredible culture. Say Nihao to most anyone on the street and you've just made yourself a new friend!

The #2 reason to visit China is the food! For a couple bucks you can eat food on any street corner. Oh take me back already!

Contributors: Dane Homenick from Journo Travel Journal

#3 Tea

For the more traditional, you have the exclusivist tea-houses. You can learn about the tea process, see it freshly brew by a local expert, and just enjoy the taste in silence. Regions like Pu'er are famous for their unique tea, fermented and aged.

For the modern, bubble tea, milk tea or creamy tea wink at you from every corner. You can choose a mixture, add to it fruits jelly, tapioca pearls and other yummies, then shake your taste up!

Contributors: Daniela Stoian from The Lost Romanian

#4 Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge

This beautiful hike in Yunnan province leads you along a canyon with jaw-dropping mountain views and maybe the most incredible view from any toilet in the world. Tiger Leaping Gorge can be hiked in 1-3 days, making it a great quick stop on your China itinerary. It offers a perfect chance to stretch your legs and enjoy one of China’s less populated areas.

Contributors:  Anika Funk from Banana Backpacks

#5 Beautiful Sights

My mother and I went to China so I could receive my beautiful adopted daughter. We went early to see the beautiful sights in June of 1997. Tinneman Square had a huge countdown clock when they would regain possession of Hong Kong from British rule.

We visited Forbidden City, Ming's Tomb and the Great Wall. We watched an acrobatic show and had authentic Chinese cuisine - duck, and pigeon - we took a compact silverware since neither of us was well versed in chopsticks.

Contributors: Nancy Gretzinger from Healthy ON

#6 Explore the Avatar World

Avatar movie was filmed in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, in China. If the movie was impressive, imagine how the park looks like! You can walk for hours and not get enough of this magical land. Some of the finger rocks have their own names and stories. There is also a lift that gets you on top of one of the rocks, from where you can admire the whole view.

Contributors: Daniela Stoian from The Lost Romanian

#7 Go Back In Time in Fenghuang

This is China’s local holiday hotspot. Still a secret to many foreign travellers, the ancient town of Fenghuang in Hunan province is a favourite for local families to visit, and for good reason. Meaning phoenix in Chinese, Fenghuang offers a step back in time. Take a gondola ride past old wooden houses on stilts, buy yourself a flower crown to wear around the streets, and get lost in the ancient alleyways.

Contributors:  Anika Funk from Banana Backpacks

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