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Marketing 101: 6 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Your Business Grow

So you want to start guest posting? Here are 6 ways in which guest posting can help any business grow.

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#1 Make Connections

Guest posting is important for two reasons. It gives you a backlink to your website, which will increase your rankings directly. It also gets your content in front of eyes that would otherwise not be able too.

Contributors: Sean Allan from Aware Corporation Ltd.

#2 Bring In Targeted Traffic

Guest posting is one of the best ways to bring targeted traffic to one's site. Say I have a blog about nutrition. I would google nutrition blogs that accept guest posts and see those sites and their authority. Finally I will pitch them that whether they will publish my post on their site or not. If they say yes, I will write a great post and send it to them. It will send quality traffic to my site.

Contributors: Tusar Mandal from WebJourn

#3 Establish Authority

By utilizing guest posting, you will be able to establish yourself as an authority and trustworthy source for information. Beyond this, sharing with diverse audiences helps develop authenticity, and with people making buying decisions based on ethics and trust more than ever, this is of utmost importance for business leaders. By sharing your perspective, you are able to show the audience what you and ultimately your brand stand for and care about.

Contributors: Alfred Schofield  from VitalFit Nutrtion

#4 Build A Brand

Guest posting is an excellent way to build a brand and grow a business. We have a team of seasoned writers who consistently create compelling and original content for both our blog and offsite publication. We have become an authority in our niche and many people come to our blog to find answers to questions they have about topics like cybersecurity, compliance, cloud hosting, and much more. As a thought leader in our industry, when we approach other site owners to collaborate, we often receive a positive response. Most of the time we offer to create some content for their site first, and in exchange, we will allow them to create content for our site. This has worked verywell for us.

Contributors: Adnan Raja from Atlantic.Net

#5 Brand Visibility

They are great for brand exposure and mutual promotion. Guest posts give you the opportunity to collaborate with businesses in similar industries to yourself, which can then introduce your company to a wider audience and increase sales.

Contributors: James Nuttall from The London School of MakeUp

#6 Increase Domain Authority

Guest posting is a great strategy to grow a business. It not only helps with brand awareness, but also in building your domain authority. Over time as you acquire numerous high quality backlinks, you'll improve your visibility on search engines.

Contributors: Brittany Armour from Kibii

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