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9 Ways To Use Content Marketing To Promote An App

You can make the most amazing app in the world, but if you don’t get it in front of people, you’re never going to make any money. There are countless ways to market an app, but one of the most universally praised methods is through content marketing.

We reached out to marketing experts the world over to find out interesting and unique ways you can market your app through content marketing.

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#1 Leverage User Generated Content

By encouraging engagement from your audience and having them create content for you, this allows you to build a community-like feel to your brand, thus increasing app downloads. For example, if your app is focused on editing photos of yourself with your dog, then encourage users to send their photos with their dogs and share these on your own platforms, so more people do it and catch on to a potential trend.

Contributors: Antonio Wedral from Statement Digital

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#2 Repurpose Content

What I do to promote our app is to repurpose content. For example, I will write an article and initially post it on our blog. The next day, I'll repost it on Medium with a link at the bottom that redirects to the blog. The third day I'll write a LinkedIn post that introduces the story, then paste the link of the blog article in the first comment, so I can drive more engagement (LinkedIn's algorithm doesn't promote articles with a link included in them so heavily as the ones without).

Contributors: Marcel Tit from Paymo

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#3 Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to promote your app. To get started, identify blogs or news outlets that fit your app's niche and allow guest post submissions. If your app's idea is new and interesting enough, you could cover it as a lone feature but make sure to ground it in a larger trend like photo-sharing or VR, and explain how it's better than alternatives.

Your main goal should be to promote the app but recognize that you need to make the piece intriguing for the site's audience and that a more niche topic could result in less traffic.

Contributors: Nicolas Straut from Fundera

#4 Create A Strong Content Strategy

Content and content marketing can mean a lot of things for app brands and app developers. Content can refer to blog content, case study content, testimonial content, email campaigns, guest posting and native advertisements, affiliate marketing content, app store descriptions, push notifications, and more. To create a strong content strategy to promote your app, you should focus on building up and sharing content that proves that your app or you are really the experts in the industry you're in. 1 - 3 posts per month is usually a manageable place to get started; writing to provide value to your audience about the problems they face, concerns they have, or things they are missing out, and proving information on how your app solves all of these.

Contributors: Marissa Ryan from Zymo

#5 Simple Explainer Video

All you have to do is give it a story. Explain what that does and who the people are behind it. Highlight some of the interesting features and Bam you have an explainer video. Usually, I like to make it a minute-long so I can post it on Instagram and Facebook.

Contributor: Simon Cordero from Banano Quest

#8 Build a Community

Content marketing is a powerful marketing approach because it cultivates a community around your brand. When you educate your audience about not only your product or service but the niche you’re in and provide valuable and educational resources, they’ll view your brand as a leader in your industry. To promote your app, the number one thing you want to start with is a blog.

Your blog doesn’t have to be related to your app, but provide information about your niche. Your audience will be more likely to follow your social channels and sign up for your email subscription as well. This is powerful because you’re not just pushing people to download your app, you’re building a community in which your audience will want to download your app as an extension of your brand. Your sign-ups or downloads you get from the users that follow your blog and social accounts are often a lot more valuable and have a higher lifetime value (LTV). They’re more invested in your brand, making them loyal brand advocates.

Contributors: Britt Armour from Kibii

#9 Grow With Your Audience

Switching up your content style means that your audience will always come back for fresh content, generating more traffic. You may begin with more text, blog style content, but move on to more visual or video content. If you find yourself in a content rut, so will your audience. Keeping things fresh and interesting will keep them coming back to find out what you're doing next.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

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