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Explore The World: 10 Reasons To Visit Mongolia

So you’re thinking of visiting Mongolia? Here are 10 reasons why saying yes to any and every offer to go to Mongolia is the right thing to do. These reasons are suggested and written by both locals and tourists

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#1 The Gobi Desert

One of the largest deserts in the world, the vast Gobi Desert encompasses much of northern China and southern Mongolia.

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#2 The History


Few places in the world have the rich, albeit complicated, history of Mongolia - ranging from the imperialist reign of Genghis Khan to the intertwined Communist rule.

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#3 The Unique Gastronomy

Most villagers live on sheep’s milk, sheep’s cheese, and mutton (ask for the mutton fried and served with buttery dumplings known as buuz, or with the flaky khuushuur pastries), though camels, yaks, goats, and horses are other common sources of protein.

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#4 Yak Milk

It’s been on my bucket list for a year or more. There is something fascinating about staying in a yurt and drinking yak milk. The language is unique, sounding like Chinese and Russian, due to the language requirements during the Communist takeover.

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#5 The Great Outdoors

With one of the lowest population densities in the world, most of Mongolia is comprised of nearly pristine natural landscapes. Imagine endless untouched space punctuated only by an occasional hut or herd of sheep.

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#6 The Spirituality and Serenity

Despite the country’s Communist past, more than half of the residents are proudly Buddhist. The most important Buddhist site in the country is the Erdene Zuu Monastery, which was built from the rubble of Genghis Khan’s former headquarters and now sits near the center of Kharkhorin.

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#7 The Festivals

One of the best ways to soak up the country’s history and culture is to visit during the annual Naadam festival, which takes place every July. It combines some of the most important and traditional aspects of Mongolian culture, from wrestling competitions and horse races to cultural performances and culinary offerings. The country also celebrates its New Year with parties and feasts.

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#8 Mongolian Throat Singing

I have two reasons to visit. One is to witness Mongolian Throat Singing. I got to see this at the National Theater in Ulaanbaatar along with a demonstration of other Mongolian performance art including dancing, opera, contortionists, and the symphony orchestra of Mongolia. I'm not typically one who enjoys tourist shows but this was really spectacular.

The second is to see the sun rise at the Khonghor Sand Dunes. I have many pictures on my blog.

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#9 Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue

I traveled to Mongolia a year ago and still keep in touch with my local guide. Ulaanbaatr is actually a modern city, yet many outsiders view it as archaic.  One standout is the giant Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue.  It's about a half hour from town and offers great views from the top.  Love the area?  You can have yourself bronzed as a warrior and placed at the base of the statue.

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#10 Staying Local

Many of us love 'staying local' and there are many yurts available in the outskirts with modern conveniences at cheap prices for a bit of a clamping feel.

Finally it is the people.  They are so genuine and nice.  They rarely see Westerners and anxious to learn more about us as we are of them.

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Written by Ben Skute

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