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6 Reasons You Should Visit Jordan This Year

So you’re thinking of visiting Jordan? Here are 6 reasons why saying yes to any and every offer to go to Jordan is the right thing to do. These reasons are suggested and written by both locals and tourists

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#1 Markets

Jordan’s markets are vast and a unique experience. From the street markets and heaps of local vendors, through to hidden jewellery and food gems, the possibilities for shopping and discovering hand made and traditional Jordanian produce is at every corner. The bustling streets of Amman are certainly an experience to savour, with all night markets and packed streets full of trinket dealers, market traders and independent stores. You will discover the pride Jordanians have in their ability to make things, to produce high quality homeware, jewellery and incredible local food from all sorts of cultures - Israel to Syria, the palette of Jordanian cuisine is exquisite.

Contributors: Adam Bradford from Bradford Swain

#2 Place To Visit: Petra and Little Petra

Petra is counted as one of the 7 wonders of the world, is an ancient city that dates back to 312 BC. The city is an amazing feat of man as it’s carved out a mountain and is known as the rose city after the color of the rock.

Contributors: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#6 Culture

It is in between different conflicting cities but its culture is sacred. You can feel the culture and intensity of the political and global crises which have thwarted the nations surrounding Jordan, however it has kept is natural beauty and its peoples’ love of its culture and history shines right through. A visit to Jordan will open your ideas to the feelings on the ground about international conflict and give you hope for the future of humanity through the warmness and kindness of its people

Contributors: Adam Bradford from Bradford Swain

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