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Make Him Smile: 10 Thoughtful Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

You don’t need an excuse to do nice things for your boyfriend. Let him know how amazing he is with these 10 thoughtful gestures and ideas.

Each of the suggestions on this list is from a fupping contributor.

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#1 Romantic Weekend Getaway

A trip of any sort whether near or far, weekend only or weeks away, is probably the most awesome way to show some appreciation. Maybe a return to a place you have visited previously and had a great time, or a place that has been on the bucket list fkr a while. Either way, a getaway is a fantastic gift.

Contributors: Kristian Flores from Strength and Conditioning Coach

#2 Sexy Polaroid

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In the age of the most advanced technologies, get creative and take a sexy picture with a polaroid or disposable camera. Slide it in his wallet so the next time he goes to pay, he’s in for a sexy surprise.

Contributors: Kayla Kalinski from Whats Your Price

#3 Go Technology-Free

There's nothing more valuable than the gift of undivided attention. It can be tough to take time for each other without distraction, show him that you're invested and interested by creating a little world for just the two of you. Make cute signs around the house, a basket for your phones, a cover for the TV. Each persona; experience will be different, so show him how well you know him. You could read together, eat, take a bath, choreograph a dance, or just talk.

Contributors: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#4 Pick Up The Check

My fondest memories of feeling those warm fuzzies came from a woman who picked up a check in a restaurant, or at the movies.  It feels good to a man to be shown appreciation that you have for them always picking up a dinner check by every once in awhile doing the same. To me it indicates that I'm not in this for what you have but for who you are.

Contributors: Gary DeFilippo from Laying On OF Hands Rehabilitative Massage

#7 Arrange a surprise date

Don’t always leave it to him to do something romantic or plan a special evening. If he has a favorite restaurant or a place/movie/event he has been talking about, go ahead and make the arrangements. Men love surprises too and it will make him feel extra special that you took the time with the details.

Contributors: J. Hope Suis from Hope Boulevard

#8 Take his turn at a chore

Maybe he takes out the garbage, or mows the lawn. Or maybe he picks up the groceries or take-out on Friday. Whatever his contribution to the relationship, pick one (or two) and do them for him. This isn’t a swap, just volunteer to take care of one of his responsibilities. It will show how much you appreciate all the things hedoes and will also give him a break to do a little something for himself.

Contributors: J. Hope Suis from Hope Boulevard

#9 Game Day

Many guys are into sports, so taking him out to watch his favorite team would be great. In the event that actually watching his team live is not possible some authentic memorabilia such as a jersey and a hat are great substitutes. If you can get them signed by the athlete that's even better. If your boyfriend plays sports perhaps a round of golf, some new equipment or a league membership would be appropriate.

Similarly, music. If his favorite artists will be in town in the near future taking him out to a concert is a lot of fun. It provides a great bonding experience as well as a reward for your boyfriend. If that is not possible perhaps getting an autographed album would be nice. Again, experiences trump stuff.

Contributors: Kristian Flores from Strength and Conditioning Coach

#10 Couples Cooking Class

All the guys I know are into food. A lot of them like to cook. Getting a cooking class, couples or a single for him, where he can cook alongside a top chef is accessible, fun and informative. Even a nice dinner out to his favorite restaurant can do well. If its just dinner including his best buds will amplify the event.

Contributors: Kristian Flores from Strength and Conditioning Coach

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