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Romantic And Thoughtful Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

There is nothing more rewarding that seeing your girlfriend smile, and what better way to make her feel loved and appreciated than through a romantic and thoughtful gesture. Here are some ideas too get the creative juices flowing.

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#1 Plan her a tea party

One great thing to do for your girlfriend is hire someone to plan her a tea party. Women in relationships spend a lot of time modifying their tastes and making compromises. This sometimes includes girl time. Planning a day or afternoon when she can relax with her best friends and revel in girl time will be so appreciated and will not go unnoticed as a huge act of thoughtfulness. It lets her know that you really do care about her and her interests. 

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#2 All You Need Is Love, But A Little Jewelry Never Hurts

When you are in a relationship, it's important to make that relationship special. Sometimes a surprise gift can help you show your special someone just how much they mean. There are lots of reasons to buy a gift for your girlfriend. Maybe there’s a holiday right around the corner, or her birthday is coming up and you're running out of time. Or maybe she just had a tough week at work and she could use a little something to boost her spirits. Show her how thoughtful you are with a stunning pair of earrings or a gorgeous new necklace.

If your girlfriend loves accessories, you do not have to break the bank, whether you’re on the hunt for something small and sweet, or a jaw-dropping gift for a special occasion, there’s something at 7 Charming Sisters that will appeal to her taste and your budget. Just make sure it’s extraordinary and memorable whether you are celebrating a special occasion or you just need to surprise her. She's sure to be impressed with how thoughtful you were to find her the perfect gift!

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#3 Listen – like really listen and ask questions

Truly listening is one of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend. Men on average tend to communicate differently than women. A guy says something and that's it, there isn't anything beneath the surface. When your girlfriend shares something with you, take the time to listen, and then follow-up. There will be more. Give your girlfriend your attention and curiosity and you'll create an even greater connection for your relationship. 

Contributors: Benjamin Ritter from Live for Yourself Consulting

#7 Small Surprises

The little surprises go a long way. It's a cliche I know. But trying to organize big surprises almost always ends in me blabbing. It's hard to keep a secret when you are in a close relationship, but if she is coming home late and you can bake something, or buy her a small gift, these little moments can be very special. Especially if she is working late or has had an otherwise hard day, part of being a partner is having a sense for this and if you care enough you will inherently try to make it better in ways that you know will make your partner smile.

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#8 Bring Her Flowers

Even though this may be seen as old fashioned, no woman will turn down flowers from their significant others. This is thought of as a really kind and caring gift which requires the partner to go to the store and pick out the flowers himself.

Contributors: Amanda Raimondi from Grapevine

#9 Buy Her Something Meaningful

There are plenty of gifts to buy your girlfriend, but what will really make her happy is getting her something meaningful. Did you take a trip recently or go on a date that the both of you really enjoyed? Get her something that reminds her of a special memory like framing a picture that you took together at the beach.

Contributors: Amanda Raimondi from Grapevine

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