9 Gift Ideas For Your Tech Obsessed Friends: That They Will Actually Use

Shopping for your gadget-obsessed friend or family member? Here are 9 awesome gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face.

We reached out to industry experts to get their recommendations…

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#1 Wyze Cam

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A great gift for any tech obsessed person! It's a great security or pet cam (What did my dog do all day? Did my dog walker come today? Is my bike safe?), or set up a timelapse during your Halloween party and share a short video of all the shenanigans that went down.

Wyze Cam is a 1080p smart home camera that you can set up anywhere there is wifi. Customers can pull up a live stream view of the camera anytime day or night. The cameras have night vision and motion and sound detection, including the ability to detect the sound patterns of smoke and CO monitor alarms, and can send you a notification when an event occurs. You can add a microSD card to record 24/7 (a 32GB card holds 2-3 days of footage), or record only when sound or motion occurs. It even includes 14-day cloud storage of alert videos for free (most other cameras charge for this service).

Contributors: Elana Fishman from Wyze Cam

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  1. Great camera with an unbeatable price!

#2 LeanRite Elite

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It's the new adjustable height seat for people who are using sit-stand desks. It easily adjusts to keep you standing longer when you want to stand, but also turns into a full seat when you're ready to sit. It's a great product for anyone who's kids are spending too much time slumped in front of the computer while working, or gaming. It's an amazing gift for someone who has a back issue and needs to spend more time out of their chair. It's a gift that can help change someone's life.

Contributors: Jonathan Sheinkop from Ergo Impact

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#3 DIY Extended Reality Project


Our 1 min. teaser video for Cubit

Have you ever wanted to put a gallery wall in your home but didn't know how it would look? Or wanted to install your own shelves or hang artwork perfectly on your wall. With Plott you can do exactly that without the need to do any complex math.

Plott uses connected tools and AR / Extended Reality to make doing projects around the home easier.

Contributors: Matt Cultrera from Plott 

#4 Power Practical Luminoodle LED TV Backlight

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The Luminoodle makes your space and TV pop! Back-lighting your TV makes the perceived contrast higher as well as making the colors truer. It does this by giving your brain a steady reference for true white. It also can reduce eyestrain, because the steady light can decrease the amount and frequency your eyes dilate while watching a screen.

Contributors: David Toledo from Power Practical 

#5 Activ5

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A portable isometric-based strength training device and coaching app, this tiny gym in your pocket effectively tones and strengthens muscles in a durable design that measures more than 200 lbs. of muscle force. Whether you just can't leave the house this winter or are traveling, Activ5 is the perfect solution as the device and app will coach you through personalized workouts without the need for a gym or trainer-just your phone and your Activ5 device!

This device can be used on a plane, at the office, at home and more, making it the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself!).

Contributors: Activ5

#6 Skyroam Solis – Stay powered up and connected

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Anyone who is a true techie is attached to their phone and other devices. I wanted to recommend the Skyroam Solis, a dual 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot and power bank. This will keep your friends powered up and connected as they travel domestically or abroad. Skyroam seamlessly connects users with mobile WiFi on the go through its proprietary global WiFi network powered by patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology.

With instant access to secure, unlimited data in more than 130 countries, it offers the convenience of going from one country to another without configuring local SIMs, updating plans, incurring roaming charges or overage fees, shareable on up to five devices simultaneously.

Contributors: Lauren Perry from Blonde 2.0 

#8 Dreampad

Dreampad is the tech-based clinically proven and researched Smart Pillow that actually helps its users shut down for a good night’s sleep! It’s a perfect gift choice for anyone who has a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep or those who travel frequently and find themselves struggling to get shut-eye in hotel rooms and unfamiliar spaces.

It works with all ages and with all levels of sleep difficulties - from mild, stress-related problems to insomnia.

Contributors: Leah J. Cybulski from ChicExecs Brand 

#9 BOND Smart Home Gadget

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The BOND is the only product that bridges the connectivity gap for your existing devices such as ceiling fans or fireplaces (more will be added via app updates and will include motorized shades/air conditioners/etc.). BOND saves consumers money by allowing them to connect their favorite ceiling fan or fireplace to their smart home system–supporting up to 6 devices with either radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR).

Contributors: Alexandra Gebhardt from Olibra, LLC

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Written by Ben Skute

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