19 Cute Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend Under $20

If you’re looking for a cute gift for your best friend, but don’t want to break the bank, then this is the listicle for you. Here are 19 cute gift ideas for your best friend for under $20.

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#1 The Magic Of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back

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What better gift could you give a best friend, then the gift of happiness, better sleep, and reduced stress? This is the perfect gift for those women struggling with out of balance hormones....which wreak havoc on their everyday lives. There are half a billion postmenopausal women in the world. The truth is, every single woman will go through Menopause in one form or another. However, they don't have to live with the crappy symptoms!

Contributors: Lorraine Miano from TheMagicOfMenopause

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  1. Ladies this ones for you.Super helpful quick read that any women going through menopause would be happy to receive.

#2 Wine Condoms

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Protection For Your Pinot!

A good friend will share a glass of wine and the gift of laughter...which makes Wine Condoms the perfect girlfriend gift!

Wine Condoms are a great solution to preserving wine. Our super seal prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling the wine. The perfect gift for wine lovers.

Contributors: Laura Bartlett from Wine Condoms

  1. Love wine condoms! Not only are they a novelty, they are quite functional on those occasion you don’t drink the whole bottle!

  2. This is the most creative, forward thinking product that actually does what it says – no leaking! It is such a fun gift, packaged with branding in mind. Great compliment when giving a bottle of wine as a gift. Dubious conversation starter. It’s an awesome product!!

    • Maryann – this is one of the best Wine Condom reviews ever! Thanks so much! We sure love making people smile!

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#3 The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck

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A Spiritual Tool for the Twenty-First Century!

Whether you're using it for meditation—reading for pleasure or profession, it’s exactly the tool you need to embrace your own heart-opening spiritual transformation and activate your deepest soul knowledge. It's an inspiring solution for rising above the divergent forces all around us. This is the deck that grows with you! 

Contributors: Tracee Dunblazier from GoTracee Publishing LLC 

  1. #rainbowwarrioractivationdeck made the list! @justineserebrin repost this from the article so we can move to #1 on the list 🙂

#4 Coffee Cookie

Put your coffee on a pedestal

444 Likes, 15 Comments - Coffee Cookie™ (@coffeecookienyc) on Instagram: "Put your coffee on a pedestal"

A little gadget that keeps to-go coffee hot. It's been featured in a number of blogs, and our customers love it! It's the perfect Stocking Stuffer and office secret Santa gift.

Portable and rechargeable coffee heater that fastens to the bottom of your disposable cup. No cleaning necessary.

It pauses your beverage at your preferred the gym, in the subway, at the office. Charge with micro-USB to use again.

You can get 40% off by using promo code "fupping40".

Contributors: Victoria Gregory from Coffee Cookie 

#5 Tucketts

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From Pilates and barre classes to yoga, martial arts, and more, we’ve all been worried about slipping in socks at some point or another. Tucketts saw this concern and manufactures the only high-performance grip socks for barefoot workouts that completely retain the barefoot sensations of connection, freedom, and balance, with the added comfort and stability of a grip sock. Their non-slip fitness socks are ideal for all types of barefoot workouts. 

The toeless design of the high-performance, non-slip grip socks allows you to easily make small modifications for a more effective workout. If you’re ready for a comfortable, reliable, and innovative solution that mimics a barefoot sensation, then check out Tucketts! Tucketts offers five styles of socks as well as a multitude of colors for women and men. 

Contributors: Paola Shah from Tucketts 

#6 Perfume Pods

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Perfume Pods offer best friends a gift under $20! Perfume Pods will surely add cheer to anyone’s holiday season. This is because perfume is more than a cosmetic. The power of scent allows people to transform themselves according to mood, it can boost confidence, while making you feel sexy and beautiful with just one spray. Whether attending your in-laws’ Thanksgiving dinner or the company holiday party, bring along your Perfume Pod and a pick-me-up is just a spritz away.

Contributors: Travalo

#7 Lemur Bags

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Lemur Bags are under $20, super cute, great gifts, and they're eco-friendly. Intended use as a lightweight foldable reusable canvas shopping tote bag perfect for school, work, a shoulder day bag, grocery shopping, or bringing to the beach or picnic.

Contributors: Chris Burdick from Lemur Bags 

#11 Baked in Color

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Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? America’s number one dessert, now available in color! The rainbow and color trend in the dessert category has gone viral on social media. Baked in Color offers delicious and beautiful chocolate chip cookies and other treats, in rainbow or custom colors. Our treats make the perfect gift for your BFF - in her favorite color no less! 

Contributors: Julie Waxman from Baked in Color 

#12 The Happy Rosy Day Book, Tea: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal

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Happy Rosy Day is a gratitude journal, stationery, and lifestyle company that blossomed in San Francisco, California. We are on a mission to brighten your day with a delightful collection of fun, happy, rosy products designed to bring beauty and joy to everyday moments. We think any best friend will love our cute stationery and gratitude journals. A beautiful set of merci thank you cards and fashion note cards make the best affordable and practical gift under $20. 

Contributors: Zakiyya Rosebelle from Happy Rosy Day

#13 H2rOse

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H2rOse is a rose water and saffron infused beverage designed for health-conscious people on the go, that want their beverage not only to be healthy but to also fit their lifestyle.

H2rOse offers health benefits like improving your skin appearance, decreases occasional temporary stress, anxiety, it will enhance your mood, relieves irritable stomachs and it has strong natural antioxidant.

Contributors: Phillip Sugarman from EZROLLZ 

#17 Smarter-Seal

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Smarter-Seal is a soda/beverage can lid & protector. It prevents spills and germs, keeps bugs & bees out and keeps the fizz! Carbonated beverages last up to 58% longer with Smarter-Seal! (*Independently Lab Tested), compared to a standard open can. It's BPA free, Reusable & Recyclable & Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe. It's perfect for home, work, travel, the beach, BBQ's, parties, camping, fishing, etc. Lightweight, easy, & convenient - Keep some in your bag, purse, or car! 

Contributors: William Battaglia from Smarter-Seal 

#18 The Wine Lover’s Apprentice

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The book was written in a breezy, easy-to-read style for people who want to learn more about wine but don't know where to start. And I've heard from a lot of women who have seen it - friends and strangers, lol - that this is exactly the wine book they want and need! The first half covers practical issues, like how to select a bottle from a store shelf or restaurant list as well as what the heck you're tasting when you're drinking wine. The second part covers the main wine regions in quick, breezy sentences so, in a few minutes, the reader knows the key grapes in the vino as well as what it's probably going to taste like.

Contributors: Kathleen Bershad from Fine Wine Concierge

#19 Vintage inspired travel patches

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Spending too long at the airport carousel trying to figure out which black rolling suitcase is yours? Iron on a few of our bright colored, mid-century inspired designs and stop having to check the luggage tags.

We've got 36 locations currently, from New York to Sydney, from Iceland to Rio de Janeiro, with more coming every month. 

Contributors:  Mike Lecky from Vagabondheartco

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Written by Ben Skute