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9 Gifts That Start With The Letter A | Gifts That Begin With A

So you’re looking for a gift that begins with the letter A. Here are 9 cool presents that start with the letter A.

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#1 A Girl’s Guide to Chicago

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This novel is perfect for anyone who loves a fun, lighthearted, chicklit novel. It's also a great book for anyone who is looking for the confidence to make a big move. Take a journey with Kelly and discover the hidden gems you never knew about – as she starts a new career, makes new friendships, and even falls into an unexpected romance. 

Contributor: Kelly Russell from A Girl's Guide to Chicago 

#2 Ankole Tassle Earrings

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Ankole Tassle Earrings from handcrafted jeweler Marion Cage are an elegant and sophisticated holiday gift for any woman. These beauties are detailed to dangle and catch the light as you move. Available in two sizes; in matte sterling silver, a mixed metal combination of sterling silver plated in black rhodium with 14k yellow gold ear wire, as well as all 14k yellow gold. 

Contributor: David Ambrogio from Marion Cage

#3 April Showers Scarf

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April Showers Scarf from eco-apparel company Passion Lilie is a great gift for any of your eco-conscious friends this winter. The cotton scarf is light-weight, ethically made and features a beautiful blue floral hand block print. 

Contributor: Lauren Walter from Passion Lilie

#6 Animal Packers Chicklet Washable Kid’s Backpack

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Animal Packers are the perfect low-maintenance “pet adoption” for your pooper scoopers needed! 

Your Little can take his/her Animal Packer for a walk and let the “pet” gather treasures along the way. Animal Packers have a special pocket in their mouth to “feed” them keepsakes. 

Your Little will feel all grown up by caring for their special pal! And not to worry… bathing THIS pet is easy. Each Animal Packer comes with a Care Bag. Simply wash with cold water and air dry. Voila! They’re good as new and ready to explore some more. 

Contributor: Amber Masciorini from Animal Packers

#7 Abuelita’s Tree, by Cynthia MacGregor

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“When you give love, you get back love.” That’s the lesson taught by Abuelita’s own abuelita. (“Abuelita” is Spanish for “Grandma.”) Abuelita certainly loves all the neighborhood kids, and they love her too, as well as her stories and her cookies. 

But why would she want a shriveled-up tree that gives nothing but wrinkled, sour fruit? Spring brings a surprise to the neighborhood kids, to their parents, and even to grumpy, grouchy Mr. Diaz. 

Only Abuelita isn’t surprised. She knew all along about the power of love. 

Contributor: Cynthia from CynthiaMacGregor

#8 Asana Pillow 2-in-1 Neck Pillow and Travel Yoga Mat

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The Asana Pillow would make a great gift as it is a very unique (and fun) product! 

The Asana Pillow is a travel yoga mat that rolls up and fits inside of a neck pillow so it's two products in one! And it's all machine washable for simple upkeep. 

The mat can also be used as a beach towel, blanket in the park, or whatever else your needs call for during your travels. The Asana Pillow was created by me - inspired by my travels and the desire to stay fit and calm while on the go, all while packing light! 

Contributor: Tara Lynn Hubbard from Om the Go

#9 Alice+Ames The Ballet Dress In Fall Floral

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Alice + Ames has darling dresses that girls will love to twirl, play, and explore in. From assisting mom in the kitchen baking up a pie to zooming around the living room, to posing for that perfect family portrait- look no further than these classic designs. 

Alice + Ames is raved about by notable celebrity moms too! Joanna Gaines said, “I absolutely adore your dresses! My girls have them in three colors. So here’s the question, can you make one or three in adult small?!” 

Contributor: Amber Masciorini from Alice + Ames

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Written by Ben Skute