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3 Awesome Linen Gifts For Him | What Should I Buy For Him?

Linen is a cool material. It’s so versatile and comfortable. Here are 3 awesome linen gifts for him.

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#1 Beddley Duvet Cover

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The Beddley Duvet Cover is the only guaranteed solution to the duvet cover frustration. It’s the most efficient duvet cover out there - unlike any other, it opens wide and closes on 3 sides. This Patented innovation is made in Los Angeles, USA

Guys don’t have the patience to wrestle with anything. Now they can easily change their bedding, and it would improve their hygiene because they would wash it more often. They will no longer fight with their significant other over who’s doing the duvet cover.

It’s really a breeze to use. It’s so easy even a child, a senior or someone with limited mobility can handle it very easily. The duvet cover struggle is real but that’s now solved.

Contributor: Beddley

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  1. Awesomely beautiful n unique…so so exceptional n convenient

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#2 Robe from Serenity West

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Serenity West is a Vancouver-based premium linen company creating luxury bedding and clothing using all-natural linen and sustainable products, all designed and produced in Vancouver. 

Owner and founder Sandra McIntyre is a Vancouver native and interior designer who launched the company in May. Her desire is to show that a locally-based business supporting local talent and environmental consciousness does not require a compromise on design or aesthetics. All products are eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Contributor: Sandra McIntyre from Serenity West

#3 VIENNA Blanket From AREA Home

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Area Home is a small shop that has been designing bedding in New York for nearly 30 years. Swedish owner-designer Anki Spets creates practical, modern textiles that continue the Scandinavian tradition of good design for every day living.
Given the variety of colors and fabrics available to shoppers, the right blanket can be a very personal gift. The Vienna Blanket is a modern yarn-dyed linen jacquard made in Portugal. The blend of linen and cotton creates comfortable circulation and breathability. The striking design and neutral palette make for a fun addition to any man’s bedroom.

Contributor: AREA 

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Written by Ben Skute