7 Charming and Adorable Engagement Gifts For Men

From cheeky to practical, here are 7 charming and adorable engagement gifts for men.

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#1 Boston Bonbon Handmade French Macarons

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Boston Bonbon sells French Macarons in UNIQUE flavors like Maple Bacon, Mango Lassi, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Thai Iced Tea.  

Our macarons make great gifts because they are delicious, decadent, colorful and bright, everything in the next chapter of your sweet life should be! 

Contributor: Rita Ng from Boston Bonbon

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#2 Teak Wireless Power Bank and Phone Case

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Once the “Engaged Bliss” phase wears off, reality sets in for every newly-engaged couple—there’s an actual wedding to plan! One that will involve countless details and discussions, both in person but also via your phone. 

That’s why one Power Couple deserves another—in the form of this sophisticated wireless power bank and matching phone case. Gift one of these teak charging sets to a soon-to-be-groom and his phone will always be at the ready for those inevitable “I need an answer now!” wedding texts. 

Contributor: Jenna Miller from Here Comes The Guide

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#3 Kisses 4 Us – A Box of Fun

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Kisses 4 Us® is a box of Fun, Flirty and Romantic Kisses for Making Kissing FUN! Couples will have fun trying out all of the kisses and picking the one special kiss they will share on their wedding day. This is part of the wedding planning that HE will enjoy doing! 

Each Kisses 4 Us soft-touch laminated box is filled with 30 Unique Kiss Cards-each card contains an explanation of the type of kiss plus, extra trivia, fun facts and tips to enhance your kiss experience; 5 Create Your Own Cards; and an Idea Book. 

Contributor: Kim Knollmeyer from Kisses 4 Us

#7 Panic Aide™ Am

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It is a safe 2oz quick drink that will help STOP the panic attack in its tracks. It doesn’t PREDICT Panic Attacks or PREVENT them, but when you are having one it will help you get back to a place of peace within 15 minutes. It a safe and fits easily in your purse or jacket pocket for when you need it. 

Contributor: Cheryl Poldrugach from Panic Aide

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Written by Ben Skute