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10 Christmas Gifts For Startup Owners

So you are after a Christmas present for a startup owner. Here are 10 awesome Christmas ideas.

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#1 Color Changing Cinema Light Box

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The Color Cinema Light box is a unique decorative piece with vintage vibes. The light box is designed to look like those retro cinema and theater signs that would advertise a movie and share a fun message. You can write sweet valentines messages, inspirational or motivational message on the mini lightbox and create a black-and-white film feel to the room! 

Contributor: Kiu-wai Wong from ThanKiu2 

#2 Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes

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Too many decisions are being made by leaders and employees who are impacted by stress, overloaded brains, tiredness, and unregulated emotions. All of these are impacting their decision-making processes, cognitive abilities, and the outcomes they produce. This book has a range of strategies, techniques, and tips for regaining control of the decision-making process by enabling the rational, thinking center of the brain (prefrontal cortex) to regain jurisdiction. The result will be better decisions, improved cognitive abilities, and better outcomes. 

Start-up business owners are especially prone to stress, overloaded brains, tiredness, and unregulated emotions. And thus many of the decisions they make (including hiring and staffing decisions) are made in a mind full mode, instead of a mindful thinking mode. Additionally, they are typically moving so fast that much of their decision-making runs on autopilot, resulting in less-than-optimal decisions and outcomes. 

Contributor: Steven Howard from Caliente Leadership

#6 Vibrate Higher Fitted Hat

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Choose to vibrate higher than the rest, as if there is no other option. This hat is sure to give you a laid back look with cool graphic details. Each item is ethically hand printed to order in the US. 1 item sold = Light for a family without electricity to do homework together.

Contributor: Vibrate Higher

#10 Energise Me – 3 Days Pack

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From the Contributor: Health expert and Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock and her award winning collection of supplements that have just launched in the States.

They range from aid weight management, detoxing, boosting energy and balancing mood and combating jet lag. Energise Me could be great for this one and they’re only $11.99 for a 3 day pack to get your energy levels up so great for those with limited cash flow in start ups that need a boost! They are entirely synthetic free and only use the most premium ingredients to achieve results. 

Contributor: Sophie Clark from Belle et Bien

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Written by Ben Skute