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11 Best Gift Ideas For Hunters They’d Enthusiastically Put To Use (2019)

Packing weighty gear, braving the elements, and stalking game are hard enough for a hunter. Lighten their burden and fuel their passion with these ridiculously useful gifts to up their preparedness and hunting efficiency out in the woods.

For hunters, the little things can make all the difference. They already have the right gun or bow for their needs, are decked up in proper outfits, and have the requisite hunting gear. Oftentimes, toughing things out is the name of the game and as such they may pass up useful adjuncts—say a rangefinder for new hunters—that aren’t mission critical.

That’s until they tear the wrap off your awesome gift, use it, and then can’t head out to hunt without it. We’ve hunted down the best gift recommendations for shooters and outdoorsmen (or women) that are certain to be bullseyes. This list is a collection of gifts perfect for both those starting out and old-timers with numerous kills under their belts (like our #9 pick).

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#1 Audio Bleeding Control Kits Stop The Bleed Kits

There's nothing like enjoying the outdoors ... until it stops being fun because of an injury. While most folks have some kind of first aid kit in their vehicle or tent, if bleeding is involved, Band Aids won’t do the trick — not when people can bleed out in just a few minutes. 

North American Rescue's Audio Control Kits provide gear and guidance in spoken English and Spanish for everything from minor wounds to severe ones that need tourniquets. Everything is color-coded, and the lightweight kit can easily be stored anywhere.

Contributor: Martin Stein from North American Rescue

#2 Icy Bev Kooler Stainless Steel Bottle Insulator

It’s that time of year again when the thought of thousands of men turn to deer. And, the last thing you need when you’ve been sitting in a blind for hours and a buck finally starts heading your way is for a glint of sunlight to bounce off your bottle of soda and startle your trophy back into the trees. 

That’s why you’ll want the camouflage-pattern Icy Bev Kooler. It’s more than just a metal sheath; the neoprene lining keeps drinks colder longer than any koozie while the silicone stopper keeps them carbonated. (It stores inside the cap, which also doubles as a twist-off bottle opener and features a loop that can be hooked onto carabiners.) It fits any 12-ounce glass bottle and comes with a 6-month satisfaction guarantee. 

Contributor: Martin Stein from Grand Fusion Housewares

#3 Hunting Miracles: Ancient and Modern

This concise (112 pages) work contains a medley of unique outdoor-related miracles penned by nine different authors. Noteworthy contributors include: Dr. Kent Hunter (author of more than 30 books), Russell Thornberry (author and former Editor-in-Chief of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine), and Joey Hancock (former Georgia Inspirational Author of the Year). 

 Readers will learn how a stag hunt back in the Middle Ages continues to impact the course of human history right up to the present time. In addition, many of the more than 20 hunting-related miracles reveal powerful (and sometimes even life and death) answers to prayer. Discover how ducks, geese, deer, dogs, and even wood ticks have played a role in revealing God’s supernatural presence and power. Discussion questions provided at the back of the book help make it a convenient tool for a group study or book club.    

 Christians who hunt will especially find Hunting Miracles: Ancient & Modern a fun and fascinating read, but so will those outside of the faith.  This is a wonderful tool specifically designed to help hunters of all kinds contemplate the miraculous.

Contributor: Dr. Tom Rakow

#5 Highland™ Rifle Backpack

Whether you hunt in water or carry a gun on raft trips for bear protection, no case gives you peace of mind like the Watershed Highland So-called “floating” gun cases will still allow water to flood your gun if dropped in the drink; ours floats and keeps firearms bone-dry in all conditions.

Contributor: Lisa Landes from Carmen and Grace

#6 IG Charcoal BBQ Grill

IG Charcoal BBQ is a stainless steel charcoal barbecue. This barbecue is multi-functional with a grill top that is made especially for cooking skewers. The grill also has other features such as a rotating charcoal handle for raising and lowering the heat level of the charcoal. The grill comes with a sliding ash collector tray for easy and fast cleanup. Lastly, the grill has folding side trays and easy installation. 

Contributor: Phillip Sugarman from IG Charcoal BBQ

#7 Cabela’s Men’s 800-Gram All-Leather Iron Ridge Hunting Boots

These hunting boots typically run for $129.99, but Cabela's is having a great Christmas sale that lowers the price of the boots to $89.97. Hunting boots, especially ones that are all leather and have GORE-TEX technology (such as these) can keep your feet warm and dry which can definitely make your hunting trip that much better. These boots also appear to have outstanding reviews and high-quality tread. There are many more items sold at Cabela's that would make great gifts to go along with these boots.

Contributor: Alayna Pehrson from BestCompany

#9 FITS Ultra Heavy Expedition Rugged Boot Socks

These are definitely not your run-of-the-mill socks. These thick wool socks offer the ultimate foot protection against the elements thanks to their heavyweight, reinforced composition. FITS offers these ultra-durable socks in a breathable, mid-calf height to provide winter travelers and hikers the ultimate comfort and protection. 

Contributor: Sam Mazilech from Gunivore

#10 Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner

Heavy-duty winter tents can cost a fortune, but luckily there is the Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner. This highly-rated winter adventure staple is the perfect way to upgrade a regular tent to withstand the tough winter conditions. The small and lightweight Thermolite liner adds up to 25F (14C) and even fits into a tiny and convenient carrying bag.

Contributor: Sam Mazilech from Gunivore

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Written by Ben Skute