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17 Smashing Gifts For Golfers Of All Skill Levels 2019

You may know Tiger Wood and understand a few golf terminologies. But if that’s all you know about golfing (or *shock* less), you don’t have to comb through the latest in golf gadgetry or gear to chance upon the perfect gift for your golf buddy. We’ve got your back!

Golfers, regardless of skill level, are constantly trying to be better. It isn’t a drive restricted to their swings: they also want to look better, feel better, and enjoy the game in a more profound way. Striving for improvement in how they play and relish golf leads them to try out new equipment whenever they get the chance.

This is great news for you as you’re in a good position to introduce them to a latest gadget or a golf-inspired item they’d cherish. Ditch the guessing game and take advantage of our awesome list of gift ideas here that are sure to please the golfing enthusiast in your life.

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#1 Power Tee Home Use: Custom Installation

Power Tee makes a great gift for kids, adults and seniors too! Power Tee is the world's number one automated tee system, used by PGA Professionals Jim Furyk and Jason Dufner. No bending over between swings, which is great for disabled or senior golfers. Kids love it! Improve your hand-eye coordination, refine your swing, and love the game with Power Tee. Can be used indoors or outdoors, and alone or with a golf simulator. Raise your game, lower your score. 

Contributor: Kim Hoy from Power Tee

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#2 Flamingo Boxer Briefs

These are incredibly comfortable, they don't ride up, the stay in place under your golf shorts or pants and they keep you cool out on the links, thanks to wicking away moister and being 2x more breathable than cotton.

Contributor: Larissa Banting from Bunch of Animals 

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#4 Golf Watch Blue Dial

As you know, competitive success in golf requires confidence, patience, skill, and grit. Similarly, Michael Simms’, owner of Hook + Gaff Watch Company, the task of watchmaking requires the utmost care and precision. Hook + Gaff’s new Golf sports watches can be trusted to take on the toughest conditions- hand-assembled and designed to wear on the course while exuding a classic aesthetic. 

Contributor: Jake Freedman from The Brandon Agency

#5 Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle is a perfect gift item for golfers as it makes on-the-go hydration easy with its uniquely portable and versatile design. Priced at $24.95, the Nomader bottle comes in a variety of stylish colors, and includes a lifetime warranty. 

Contributor: Bryan Sarlitt from Nomader, Inc.

#7 TaylorMade M3 Driver 440cc

The number one thing that can ruin a golf day is when for some reason you just can't seem to stop slicing or hooking the ball on your drives. It can be so frustrating and impact every other shot you take on each hole. 

No one likes that. So what's the fix? Grab them a Taylormade M3 440 Driver! This bad boy was made specifically to help reduce these issues to provide you a straighter and more consistent drive each and every time.

Contributor: Nick Rizzo from RunRepeat 

#8 iThoughtful Unisex Golf Bag Shaped Beer Mug

From duffers to pros, there is no shortage of gifts out there for the golfer in your life. But, until now, there has never been one that combines the sport with the allure of the 19th hole in such a unique fashion as the Golf Beer Mug. Exactly what it sounds like, this is the world’s ONLY beer mug in the shape of a golf bag. Able to hold a full pint, dishwasher safe and guaranteed against breakage for a year, the Golf Beer Mug is available in clear or frosted — with a flat front surface designed for customization — and is the perfect present for anyone who holds a putter.

Contributor: Martin Stein from iThoughtful 

#9 Glove Hub – Matte Black

It's the first ever humidor for athletic gloves. It's guaranteed to extend the life span of golf and baseball gloves up to 3x. 

Most importantly, dried out, stiff gloves can hinder performance. Storing your gloves in The Glove Hub prevents dry out, providing that brand new feel each and every use. No matter if you're a weekend warrior on the softball diamond or on the Tour, The Glove Hub is an ideal companion. The Glove Hub comes in a variety of styles and runs $29.95. Proudly made in the USA.

Contributor: Patrick Minogue from The Glove Hub

#11 Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition

For the person with a passion for golf and a sense of humor, get this golf ball set. It includes 14 emoji golf balls, 10 golfing tees, and 1 divot tool. It’s a good way to let someone express what they really feel out on the golf course, and it will ensure that their golf balls stick out in the crowd.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#12 Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

For the golf addict who just can’t live without golf for even one minute, get this toilet putter. It comes with a putting green, golf balls, a cup with a flag, and a sign for the bathroom door that says “Do Not Disturb”. This gift will let the person use every last second of “spare time” working to up their game, or simply help them pass the time without logging onto Facebook.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#14 Caddy Clean – All in One Golf Club Cleaner

This portable golf club cleaner can spiffy up clubs whenever they need it, like between rounds, or after each shot (like a true pro). The compact, lightweight design is easy to stow in your golf bag while housing a scrub pad, towel, brass groove cleaners, spray bottle and more. It removes built-up dirt and grass, and your nicely maintained clubs might even improve your game.

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

#15 Lite4Nite – Rechargeable Illuminated Golf Balls

These glow in the dark golf balls help you keep an eye on the ball at dusk (or dawn) without holding back your game. They perform like traditional balls (tested to drive 400 yards) and are impregnated with a UV-activated pigment that won’t wear off. With just a few seconds in the UV light charger, a ball can glow for around 15 minutes of play.

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

#16 Tin Cup – Alpha Players Golf Ball Marker

Make your golf ball uniquely yours with Tin Cup. This stainless steel stencil lets anyone easily add an initial to standard golf balls, making them easier to identify while adding some personality. Tin Cup comes with a marker and leather pouch, for easy storage when you're ready to hit the links.

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

#17 Chippo Golf – Outdoor Golf Game

The Chippo Outdoor Golf Game combines cornhole and chip shots to make for a fun new golf-centric backyard game. Golfing buddies (or solo players) can use their own clubs to hit from turf-covered chipping mats into the netted holes. High-density foam balls have true spin and trajectory so they feel like the real thing, but won’t cause damage like a real ball can. The game boards are made with lightweight and durable plastic that’s easy to stow or move to wherever you want to play. 

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

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Written by Ben Skute