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24 Riveting Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Her Swoon in 2019

Basic guy?! You? Nah! That can’t be right, because this Valentine’s Day, you’ve set your sights on becoming the ultimate romantic gift-giver. And you’re in luck because we’ve got a superb list of the best V-Day gift ideas at every price point for the #1 gal in your life.

Almost as soon as you breathe a sigh of relief after the hectic holiday gift-shopping season, February 14 gets cooking to ambush you with a gotcha moment. Except this year, you’d be well ahead of the curve to nail this romance thing like you’re the OG Prince Charming.

At this point, the sheer size of the collection of potential presents to choose from may begin to seem intimidating, but we got you. Show your girlfriend, fiancée, wife, mom, FWB, or undefined special lady some love with these chic valentine’s gift suggestions that are sure to excite her.

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#1 How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short is a breezy, information-packed guide that features all kinds of money-saving tips on entertainment, travel, shopping, fashion, restaurants, beauty, health, home décor, and more. 

Many of the tips include getting things for FREE, such as how to get your hair styled at upscale salons for free, how to get designer clothes for free, and even how to spend six nights at a four-star resort in Spain for FREE! 

Contributor: Marilyn Anderson from How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short

#2 365 Days of Happiness: Because happiness is a piece of cake!

Do you have fun with your own life? 

How often do you really pay attention and choose things to improve your day? 

In 365 Days of Happiness, author, energy healer, and mindfulness teacher Jacqueline Pirtle has created daily inspirations that help you mindfully work towards living a more vivid experience of daily happiness. Showing that you can put in work to change your life while having fun, the practices are full of whimsy and delight. Each day teaches you to find happiness, use those sour lemons, and shift yourself into a “high for life” frequency where you can reach happiness anywhere at any time. 

Readers call it a “healing spa” for the soul. 

Women call it a loving and beautiful coffee table book. Smart, uplifting, and sparks wonderful conversations with your kids and husband. 

Fans call it a visibly beautiful book—your eyes will love it! 

Business owners have it handy as a staff copy. They say mindfully happy employees make a mindfully happy office and business. 

Contributor: Jacqueline Pirtle from FreakyHealer 

#3 Words of Love: Quotations from the Heart

Words of Love is a compilation of the best things ever said on the subject of love. A book of over 500 bon mots, including the brilliance of everyone from Oprah and Ovid to Aristotle and Dear Abby, this volume of touching quotes and upbeat witticisms is guaranteed to make readers feel good. These are quotes to cuddle up to—they will touch the heart, bring a smile to the face, and make readers want to share the love! 

Contributor: Allen Klein from VivaEditions 

#7 Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal

Susan, Honey Good, an icon for women over 50 with her website (over 1 million views this past year), blog and podcast, was sought after by Abrams books to write Stories for my Grandchild with a publication date of Feb 5, 2019. The book is a grandmother's journal to ensure the family legacy and to share memories, history and most importantly, love and pass it down to her grandchildren. Although it is not a traditional book, may we suggest that you include it in a roundup in stories about family, multi-generations, aging or any other umbrella you deem appropriate. 

Contributor: Susan Honey Good from Honeygood

#8 Connect: How to Love and Accept Yourself After Divorce

Connect is a fool proof plan on how to find love for self. So many people put focus on love with a partner at Valentine's Day but the reality is over 50% of the population is divorced and a large percentage of single women are still searching for The One

So how about captivating the moment to place focus on love for self because when you have that everything else is a bonus. As Jack Canfield said in his endorsement of the Connect book, Happiness is an inside job. Let Connect show you how to take action, push past fears and gain courage,so you can live the life you've been dreaming of.

Contributor: Dawn Burnett from A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc 

#12 Space Capsule Cat Backpack

If your wife/fiancee/girlfriend has a cat (or small dog), she will love this futuristic, space capsule cat carrier. Her cat will love watching out the window as she goes to the vet, travels on the plane, or just takes a walk with her cat. Safe, breathable, cozy for cats. Comes in 14 different cool styles and colors like the Union Jack, Pokemon, and Minions.

Contributor: Susan Song from Deelily

#14 Cat Women Clutch Purse with Tassel

Every woman loves accessories - especially a cute new wallet. This Cat Woman Clutch Purse is both cute and sophisticated. Made of Faux leather with cat ear details, the clutch is also very spacious and can hold not only credit cards and bills but even an iPhone. 

Contributor: Susan Song from Deelily

#15 Massage candle by Fleur De Spa Midnight Dragon

This massage oil candle is an ideal gift for the woman in your life. You combine getting her a gift and giving her what she really wants, quality time with you. While you help get some of those pesky knots out of her back with the massage oil that comes from the wax of this candle, both setting the mood and giving you quality massage oil. 

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#17 Funny Anniversary Card – Gnome Matter What

ACouplePuns, high quality paper goodies that are equally cute, as they are clever. All cards are illustrated by the owner and entrePUNeur, Angelica Hanley. She draws inspiration from pop culture, things she loves and places she travels. A card for every imaginable occasion, ACouplePuns delivers sweet messages accompanied by disarmingly darling drawings on superb card stock that is scored, folded and packaged by hand! ACouplePuns would add an enchanting touch to any story this February 14th! 

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecsPR 

#18 Fuchsia Sand Dollar Tote

This isn't just any handbag, it is one that is handcrafted off a public wharf in Portland, Maine and uses recycled sail cloth material. So far Sea Bags has saved over 600 tons of recycled sail cloth and the number continues to grow. 

The Fuchsia Sand Dollar is a perfect gift for your loved one who loves the beach and wants to include a fun color to their wardrobe. The bag comes in white or natural colored hemp handles. One can include an interior pocket and a clasp for an additional cost.

Contributor: Kristan Vermeulen from Sea Bags

#21 The Bamboo

The Bamboo is an eco-friendly luxury hair brush. It absorbs her hair oil and dispersant it evenly from root to tip making her hair shine without any additives or chemicals. 

The Bamboo is saying you don't need anyone or anything else, just let the you shine through. 

Contributor: Lee Eller from WOOD 

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Written by Ben Skute