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19 Gadgets To Bring With You On Your Next Camping Trip

Save yourself from future pain by preparing exceedingly well in advance.

When going on a camping trip, there are so many decisions one must take into consideration. Safety is one of them. Well-being the other. Protection on one end. It’s honestly a big step, and impeccable decision-making is critical here. To supplement those decisions, save yourself from potential drawbacks with these 19 functional and highly helpful gadget you can use on your next camping trip.

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#1 Alpine Start Original Blend Instant Coffee

Premium instant coffee that's perfect for adventurous souls - and well, everybody who loves coffee really! It's a great gift for the camper who has everything and you can't decide what to get for them - as it helps fuel their adventures! 100% high altitude Colombian arabica bean, gently processed to retain flavor and packaged up ready for you to dissolve in any liquid - hot or cold.

Contributor: Jon Peters from Alpine Start

#2 Nomader BPA Free Collapsible Sports Water Bottle

The Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle checks all these boxes and more, and comes in a variety of stylish colors, making it a great campaign gift idea. From its extreme portability to its patented leak-proof cap, this innovative reusable bottle helps keep you healthy and hydrated while camping. As an added bonus, Nomader bottles come with a hassle-free lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contributor: Bryan Sarlitt from Nomader, Inc.

#3 Mostly Made Lasagna Filling and Enchilada Filling

These frozen fillings make gourmet camping meals with no clean-up. Each fully-cooked filling comes in a boil-in-a-bag pouch that can be reheated on a camp stove and combined with fresh toppings. Cook burritos, flavorful spaghetti bolognese or a skillet pasta in under 15 minutes! Mostly Made is also perfect for busy nights when you want to cook but don't have time to start from the beginning. 

Contributor: Jillian McGary from Mostly Made

#4 Portable Collapsible Outdoor Wine Glass

This is the perfect outdoor wine glass for any wine lover. It features a protective carrying case and loophole on the top that allows you to carry it on a lanyard, backpack or whatever you choose. It also features a magnetic stem for easy attachment and a stronger hold. Leave your worries behind because this glass is shatterproof, BPA free and dishwasher safe! 

Contributor: Ellen Jowers from Jane 

#5 Camping Sweatshirts

The great outdoors are always calling and you are always ready to answer. Whether it is camping, hiking, biking, or simply sitting around an open campfire, you are all about spending all your spare time taking in the glories of nature. Our outdoor collection will help you declare to the world your intent and desire to be outside taking it all in.

Contributor: Ellen Jowers from Jane 

#6 Rechargeable LED Headlamp

If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, how will you make well-equipped preparation for outdoor activities? Undoubtedly, this Flexible Zoom Highlight Outdoor Lighting Aircraft Head Headlamp is necessary. With high-quality material and unique appearance, it looks fashionable and fantastic. 

Meanwhile, compact size allows you to take it anywhere and the rational design lets you wear it comfortably. And it has low power consumption and can also keep working for a long time. In brief, it is a good helper for riding, camping, and hiking, which will make fully entertain yourself outdoors. Take the chance now, it will exceed your expectation! 

Contributor: Ellen Jowers from Jane 

#7 Humble-Bee Free Spirit Backpack Diaper Bag

Humble-Bee makes a perfect camping gift for new parents who still need to pack along all their baby necessities. Humble-Bee has active parents in mind producing the lightest weight diaper bags that double as carry-all day packs. It’s durable to tote all essential items and there’s no added weight from the backpack. Includes: one changing kit for wipe, diaper and diaper sack roll storage, one extra large changing pad, and two detachable, reflective stroller straps.

Contributor: Amber Masciorini from ChicExecs PR

#8 Solar Powered Torch And Device Charger

Perfect for any outdoor adventure, these high-quality flashlights are solar powered, rechargeable, and water resistant. Each come attached to a lanyard for a light-weight, easy to cary tool for camping in the dark. High quality flashlight that is solar powered, charges devices, water resistant, and is attached to a lanyard for a light-weight easy to carry (and super important) tool for camping in the dark. Whether you want to tell scary stories around the campfire, rummage through your bag at night, or look for tracks in the dark, the Q-Beam Solar-powered Torch Light is perfect for any camper and comes in three colors!

Contributor: Jasmine Bittar from Viatek 

#9 LifeStraw Water Filter Bottle

This bottle removes bacteria and protozoa from lakes and streams to provide safe, clean drinking water. It features a 2-stage activated carbon filter which reduces odor, chlorine and leaves zero aftertaste while removing 99.9999%of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. 

Contributor: Wayne Anthony from WaterFilterData

#10 Look Big: And Other Tips for Surviving Animal Encounters

This is a beautifully illustrated, smartly written book on how to deal with wild animals (and urban animals). It includes a handful of animal-encounter tales from acclaimed writers like Samin Nosrat (Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat). 

It's a great gift for adventure-oriented travelers, both big and small (kids LOVE it and adults are impressed by its amazing illustrations and smart writing) as well as armchair travelers who just want to read about animal adventures from afar. It features accurate, smart advice, and the book, released this year, and is also available on Amazon and in Target stores across the country. 

Contributor: Elka Karl from Dadascope Communications

#11 The New Camp Cookbook by Linda Ly

Good food makes for great camping! The two can and should go hand in hand, and the recipes and tips in this book, an Editors' Pick for Amazon Best Books of the Month of July 2017, will guide you along the way. 

The New Camp Cookbook is a book for day trippers, adventurers, campers, and anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors. You'll find organizational advice and cooking techniques, from planning your meals, packing a cooler, and stocking a camp pantry to building a fire, grilling in foil packs, and maintaining heat in a dutch oven. The recipes are presented by meal: breakfast, lunch, snacks, sweets, and all-out feasts. 

Contributor: Todd Conly from The Quarto Group

#13 One World Play Project Soccer Ball

One World Futbol -- the “unpoppable and unstoppable” all-around adventure ball. Created by One World Play Project , the One World Futbol never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured! It was designed to be ultra-durable and outlast ordinary soccer balls. Whether you are going camping in the woods, the beach, the desert or other sweet spots, the One World Futbol is perfect for all types of terrains. 

Contributor: Dana Young from One World Play Project

#14 {Zero} Waste Kit

{Zero} Waste Kit designed to help reduce our daily output of waste by eschewing single-use plastics and other disposables, it makes for a great gift for camping enthusiasts!

The kit consists of a set of custom designed essential tools housed in a convenient glass jar that you can take with you everywhere, helping to be prepared to make eco-conscious daily choices at all times.

Contributor: Marina Qutab from Zero

#15 All-Natural Firestarters By Stokes

These all-natural firestarters get flames going quickly and easily, without using any accelerants or kerosene. Stokes uses just three ingredients—sawdust, paraffin wax, and recycled egg cartons—and that’s all. Light one under charcoal or wood to start a fire in the fireplace, on the grill, or in a wood burning stove.

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

#16 Anti-Odor Comfort Crew Socks By NeverQuit

Pull on a pair of anti-odor socks that also fight fatigue and keep feet feeling fresh. Made from antibacterial material infused with zinc oxide, these breathable socks can be worn for a week without washing them. There are also built-in cushioned footpads to absorb impact, anti-blister tabs, and reinforced arch supports.

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

#17 Bug Bite Irritation Neutralizer By Bite Helper

Relieve bug bite discomfort in under a minute. This bug bite soother works with heat, vibration, and solid science to help you heal. When a female insect bites, she injects a bacteria-laden mixture that irritates your skin and it gets inflamed. Heat kills the bacteria, and that gets rid of the itch. The vibration helps your blood circulate, which promotes feeling better, too. For best results, try to use Bug Helper within four hours of the bite.

Contributor: Gennaro Bertolino from The Grommet

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Written by Ben Skute