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11 Gifts Your Boyfriend Would Like This Easter

Give him something special this holiday.

Shirts? Undies? Socks? Wallet? Shoes!? Giving boyfriends something this Easter can appear to be a chore, specially with so many options around, the list is endless! No worries, here’s a couple of ideas to help put you on the right track.

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#1 Wäbry Organic Syrup

These syrups are organic, vegan and gluten free. What sets these syrups apart is that they are made with real organic fruit, whereas other syrup brands use artificial or natural flavors only. Customers love the fact that these syrups are not overly sweet.

Wäbry syrups are versatile. They can be used on pancakes and waffles, to make non alcoholic beverages, in milk, and so much more.

Contributor: Nadia Khan from Wäbry Syrup

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  1. Love Wabry Syrups! I use the blueberry w extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, & pepper to make salad dressing; I use the strawberry in milk; I use the peach in seltzer water to make soda; & I use the chocolate-hazelnut on crepes & as a shot in my latte!

#2 Tukon Waterproof Picnic Blanket

It’s the perfect accessory all active and dynamic people search for before going on another outdoor adventure. With a foldable design and extra large pocket for holding your essentials, this oversized picnic blanket is the ultimate outdoor, camping, picnic and beach accessory to take with you and share with family and friends.

Contributor: Mircea Ureche from Tukon 

#4 Highwave Lunagloww

The concave bottom of this mouth-blown vessel casts a glow beneath it when full. Even better, the double-wall glass creates a barrier between your body heat and your beverage. Your hand won’t heat up your drink and your glass won’t sweat either.

Contributor: Chelsea Holman from Highwave

#6 Hotjo Travel Mug

Meet the first wide base travel mug on the planet, with a drink-through lid. This stoneware mug holds a full 18 oz, comes with a handy twist in drink-thru top, and has a rubber pad on its broader base, so that it stays where you put it!

Contributor: Chelsea Holman from Highwave

#7 Highwave R1752 Roam Tumbler

This slimmed down, 16 oz, stainless steel mug features a full vacuum body, and our patented “no look” push button top. The 360° drink top, comes equipped with a final top, rendering Roam leak-tight, so that the inside of your bag stays drier than a good gin. 

Contributor: Chelsea Holman from Highwave

#8 PREP Iconoclast Pomade

From the Contributor: Not a gel kind of a guy? More of the firm but flexible type? We got just the rub for you. Our ICONOCLAST POMADE will whip your hair into shape, adding texture without the sticky build-up. Your hair never looked so good. 

Contributor: Marius Morf from PREP 

#9 H2L Complete Shaving Kit

What makes these products extra special is their use of a luxurious oil from Baobab Tree. Celebrated as The Tree of Life due to its rich properties, baobab is noted for its unparalleled ability to hydrate, rejuvenate and nourish while protecting skin and hair with its antioxidant properties. It’s also formulated with other skin-friendly ingredients like shea, argan and jojoba oils that absorb quickly without leaving a greasy feel. 

Contributor: Karina from Be The Architect

#10 “Some Bunny Loves Me” T-shirt

Your boyfriend will most likely not want to wear this in public, but it’s the thought that counts right? There are seven colors to choose from. It’s a very cute way to say “I love you” on Easter. This shirt can also be personalized by adding your man’s name. If you two love laughing together, this is the perfect gift. Trust me!

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

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Written by Ben Skute

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