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9 Awesome Gifts College Students Will Appreciate This Easter

Because the hard-working, future-of-society could use some love this Easter too.

Let’s face it college is a stressing time and students often find themselves overwhelm and in constant need of catching a break, whichever form it might come. Show some appreciation for the grinding youth this Easter by gifting them something that could ease some of their day-to-day pressure. Don’t know what that might be? Here are some Ideas.

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#1 aGreatLife Huge Hotdog Kite

These aren’t your flimsy, cheap kites. Each kite is made with sturdy, durable nylon fabric and guarantees hours of mesmerizing fun! 

aGreatLife offers adorable, brightly colored themes including a sweet ice cream cone with a cherry on top, a cheery hot dog, a darling rainbow butterfly, a cool pirate and more! 

Contributor: Tabitha Ziegmann from Orca Communications

#2 KAUKKO Laptop Outdoor Backpack

Easter falls at the end of April this year, and most students will be out of school for the summer. This backpack will allow them to accomplish the things they want to accomplish this summer: read, hike, camp, go to concerts, and so much more prior to going back to the academic grind. Also, this gift is a great start to a larger gift if the student is graduating. The giver could stock the pack with giftcards for gas and restaurants, books to read, daily planners, or even a new computer.

Contributor: Pastor Mat Murphy from Garvinwood Church

#3 Highwave TC752 Time Capsule Water Bottle

For the on-the-go college student- Time Capsule Water Bottle: This stainless steel BPA free reusable water bottle holds a whopping 25oz and comes with a strap with a carabiner so you can attach to you backpack of attach to your wrist so your hands can be free to carry other important things.

Contributor: Chelsea Holman from Highwave

#7 Classic Easter Basket for Teenagers

The college student in your life will love this Easter candy basket. It’s filled with all their favorite sweets but Easter-themed. Each basket includes a chocolate bunny, Sour Patch Bunnies, Kit Kat, Lifesaver gummy eggs, $1M Chocolate bar, Bubble gum eggs, Twix and Snicker Eggs, and Spring Skittles. Whoever gets this gift will be more than pleased. 

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#8 PAAS Marble Egg Dying Kit

If your college kid won’t be able to make it home this Easter, let them have some fun of their own. Send them an egg-dying kit. This kit takes things to a new level by teaching them how to make marble dyed eggs. With this kit, all they’ll need is some eggs to plan the most epic egg hunt on campus. 

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#9 Mask Moments Coconut Gel Sheet Mask

These are not the ordinary paper masks dunked in serum that you might have seen around! They are made from the newest technology in beauty masks, where the fermented coconut gel masks hold the serum in its body and thin out as it transfers nutrients to problem areas. They don’t leave you wet or drippy but fully absorbs, leaving you moisturized. The masks also work to cool (anti-inflammation), brighten, and lift skin, helping with dark spots, dullness and blemishes if used regularly. 

Contributor: Sophia Hong from Mask Moments

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Written by Ben Skute