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5 Swinging Gift Ideas For Passionate Jazz Lovers

Don’t skip a beat with this Jazzy gift ideas.

Jazz lovers: Dedicated, passionate and very particular people.

Most of them are also are very specific in their other tastes as well, from jackets, shirt, shoes, hats and any tech gear they might carry with them Jazz fans simply have to have it personalized to their taste to represent their swinging souls.

So if you’re thinking what to gift a Jazz lover, here’s a good list from where to start.

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#1 Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis

Almost always someone will have an album a song but don't who the artist is or artist that they love and have been unable to find, or seeking a place to search for favorite artists. So for one friend who I know was looking for a certain artist, song, vinyl etc that is what I set out to find for a gift.

Contributor: Carol Gee from Emory University

#2 Visions of Jazz: The First Century by Gary Giddins

Giddins understands the ins and outs of this music better than any critic alive, and he is able to express what he knows in a way that is both compelling and accessible.  After 30 years as a jazz musician, I found myself amazed at how little I knew, and how much I wanted to know, as I read essay after essay. 

Contributor: Adam Cole from Adam Cole Works, LLC

#3 Cosmic Bae Trilogy III by Nirvana Nokwe

Cosmic Bae Trilogy III’ project which infuses the inspirations of enchanting, jazz tones and binaural sounds to assist in Tantric Sex and overall deep rooted intimacy healing. Orgasms without penetration are possible. Enhanced sexual experiences, through awareness, are the deal here. The language of the project is cosmic - it speaks to the man’s love in relation to the stars. From the poetic reference of eclipses and letting go, to sounds as powerful as the ocean. It’s all to help you connect a little deeper with yourself in the ‘out there’. 

Contributor: Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku from The Optical Order

#4 Whiplash

Whiplash is a movie about a young drummer pouring his soul into his aspirations to be among the greatest jazz musicians. His journey down this dark rabbit hole is a lot like watching a car accident you can’t help but not look away. The movie is about the tormenting challenge of the artist, and what they must do to achieve greatness. The ending is both exhilarating as well as haunting.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

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Written by Ben Skute