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9 Secretary Gift Ideas To Celebrate Administrative Professional Day With

Celebrate administrative professional day by giving back to your assistant or secretary with these 9 gifts for secretaries.

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#1 High Quality Heated Pillow Massage

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The MassageRite, electric pillow massager is a high quality unit that works out the knots and kinks to loosen fascia and ease sore muscles. Few gifts will be used as often as this one.

Contributor: Jonathan Sheinkop from Ergo Impact

#2 Joyful Genuine Leather Keypers

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Genuine leather keypers are available in a palette of fashion colors and make a super gift because they: 

  • solve the problem of constantly searching or digging deep in handbags for keys 
  • 14 inch leather strap is long enough to reach door locks without unhooking keys
  • keys are tethered and won't stray or be put down here or there (at the heart of the problem) 
  • access keys in seconds 
  • reduces stress and the feelings of frustration, being unsettled or frazzled 
  • available in 7 colors to complement any handbag or tote or backpack 

Contributor: Linda Nagamine from EZ Living Connection

#5 Laguna Beach Textile Co Gray Blush Mexican Blanket

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The custom pattern makes this a unique gift with a reasonable price tag. The cotton, polyester, acrylic blend of this blanket provides maximum durability while still maintaining softness making it perfect for lounging at the beach, hosting a picnic, throwing over your couch, or propping up a yoga position. Mexican Blankets are incredibly versatile to please even the pickiest person.

Contributor: Lauren Ifft from Laguna Beach Textile Co.

#9 Zencube – The World’s First Smart Salt Lamp

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It's the world's first smart himalayan salt lamp and is perfect for homes, offices and just about any room really! 

It's a box full of improved sleep, brighter mood and fresher air. 

Not only does it purify the air and help one to sleep better, it connects to your smartphone and changes the colour to match your room or mood. And you can put essential oils in the top - so you can always be in zen! 🙂 

Contributor: Faisal Amjad from LifeHome

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Written by Ben Skute