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Key Aspects To Consider Before You Buy A Bathroom In The UK

A bathroom, with all the necessary fittings and fixtures you and your family need, is a dream come true. But getting each aspect of the room right can be an uphill task. The products you choose must meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

From choosing the colours, lighting, fixtures, and more there are many aspects in which you can easily go wrong. Fortunately, we have the right tips to help you choose the exact components. Our tips will ensure you buy a bathroom that is perfect in all aspects.

Choosing a style

Before you start looking at individual components, decide on the style you want. The style you choose should still look good ten years down the line. Whether you go in for a classic look or a trendy new look, make sure they keep their aesthetics for a long time.

Choose styles and colour tones that don’t get outdated in a few years. Further, the style you select should fit the budget you have fixed. Picking an eco-friendly component will help in energy savings. Shower designs with recycling technology, LED lighting, and tiles made from recycled materials, are some of the ways you can make your bathroom environment-friendly.

Bathroom size

When you do not have much space, consider choosing wall-hung products. Having accessories fitted to the walls will leave you space for a shower. They also make the space appear larger than it is. A corner toilet or basin is another way to save space.

A corner bath is another option to consider. Shower baths are popular now due to their space-saving design. With the shower bath, you can have a bath and shower cubicle without making the space look cramped.

If you are looking to buy luxury baths in the UK, you can find plenty of affordable options that meet your space and design needs at Letta London. Take accurate measurements of the space available before you decide on the bath and other accessories.

Plumbing fixtures

Next to the bath, the plumbing is an important aspect to consider. The tapware you choose should make a style statement. You have plenty of options in taps that make your bathroom distinctive.

You can choose from classic or modern styles. The designs can be minimalistic or elaborate as in gold or bronze finishing. Besides the tapware, the showerhead is another part that you should consider with care. Choose from rain or ceiling showerheads, multi-functional designs, and handheld models.

Wall and floor tiles

The tiles you select should have the size, colour, and finish that blend with the overall design of the bathroom. For a smaller space opt, for a complementary-sized tile and avoid using large-sized tiles. Decide on whether you want full-length tiling or the staple one-meter height tiles.

Consider using accent tiles that make the design stand out. You can find tiles in different styles and patterns that will go well with other components perfectly.

For the floor tiles, opt for a pattern that complements the wall tiles. Make sure both are not too flashy that they clash with each other spoiling the whole effect. For floor tiles you can choose from wood effect designs for a rustic look or create a modern and bolder look with trendy patterns.


Lighting fixtures set the mood and appearance of your bathroom. While aesthetic appeal is vital, you need to make sure the lighting is bright enough. Proper lighting can make a room appear bigger and more attractive.

Consider the natural lighting of the space before you choose the lighting accessories. Warm lighting will give a relaxing ambience for your bath. But consider using brighter lighting for the vanity. Or you can use dimmers to swap between bright and dim lighting.

For a unique look consider using pendant lights. They are cost-effective and give the room a stylish appearance.

Vanity unit

Vanity units have stylish storage units with the bathroom basin making them another important aspect. The units are available in a diverse range of sizes, styles, and finishes. You can opt for shelves or drawers or use both in the units for better storage.

For a larger space, a double basin model is a good option as it provides additional storage space and two basins. For limited space consider a corner unit or a wall-hung unit. A corner unit is an ideal choice for an en-suite or cloakroom. The hanging type makes the room appear larger and provides free floor space.

Final takeaway

You may have a sleek and trendy décor or a more classic look in mind for your bathroom. Regardless of what you prefer, our tips are sure to help you buy a bathroom that suits your needs to the letter. With our guide, you can ensure that your bathroom suite purchase gives equal importance to aesthetics and function. When you choose each aspect with meticulous care to quality, appearance, and function your bathroom will remain in vogue for many years to come.

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Written by Cherry Lee

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