What Are Birthstones and What Do They Mean?

Did you know that your birth month is associated with specific gems? These jewels are indicative of certain personal characteristics, and some believe they protect the wearer throughout life. But what are birthstones, and what do they mean?

January – Red Garnet

Garnets come in a whole range of different colors, but red is associated most with the month of January. These gems symbolize protection, love, vitality, and light. They were originally worn by warriors and the elite.

February – Amethyst

Purple is traditionally associated with royalty, but this birthstone mainly symbolizes healing, mental clarity, and a deeper connection to spirituality. Amethysts are among the hardiest gems and are extremely resistant to scratches.

March – Aquamarine

An aquamarine gem is a variant of a beryl stone. Traditionally, nautical travelers wore this stone for protection from the sea. Today, aquamarines represent intelligence and contentment.

April – Diamond

If you were born in April, congratulations—your birthstone is the most popular ring gem option globally! Most obviously, diamonds represent true love and eternal happiness. Additionally, they symbolize personal strength, both mentally and physically.

May – Emerald

Emeralds are another extremely popular gem worldwide and have been worn as jewelry since the ancient Egyptians, specifically the ruling class. These stones are associated with superior intelligence and health.

June – Alexandrite

June gemstones were originally pearls that represented honesty and a pure soul. Today, June babies are assigned alexandrite gems as their birthstones. They symbolize personal and financial prosperity, along with luck.

July – Ruby

Rubies are another hardy gemstone, and they’re known for their striking red color. These stones represented power and physical strength and were worn mainly by warriors. Today, they’re known more for their ability to squash anger and distraughtness instead of promoting passion.

August – Peridot

Peridots are historically valuable stones that were first worn in ancient times. They come in green, green yellow, and green brown. They protect the wearer from evil and negativity.

September – Sapphire

Sapphires are another gemstone that has remained valuable to humanity since ancient civilizations. While the most common color is blue, sapphires come in all colors, excluding red. They were mainly worn by priests and other religious individuals for their spiritual connotation.

October – Tourmaline

Most October babies probably believe their birthstone is the opal, which is traditionally true. The modern stone is tourmaline, although some people prefer to wear opals for their striking beauty. Tourmalines represent contentment, financial success, and compassion.

November – Topaz

Like October, there is confusion over November’s correct birthstone. The traditional gem is citrine; however, the modern option is topaz, specifically yellow topaz. Since December’s stone is also a topaz, some choose to wear citrine instead.

December – Blue Topaz

The modern birthstone for December is blue topaz, although some wear tanzanite or blue zircon gems. Like yellow topaz, blue topaz attracts money and personal wealth.

After reading this guide, you’ll never ask yourself again, “What are birthstones, and what do they mean?” If you plan on purchasing a birthstone for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, ensure the gems are ethically sourced.

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