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Aromatherapy, Hugs & Cuddles!

No Rocket Science But a Vision & Tons of Passion

No Rocket Science But a Vision & Tons of Passion

Cuddlings.WORLD Easy 1, 2, 3 HAPPY!

Aromatherapy, Hugs & Cuddles Everyday! Just few seconds to show you how it works… 1. Remove 2. Vaporize 2. Place back… and MAGIC! ❤️ –> GET YOURS ON KICKSTARTER � #KICKtoSTART

A World of Wellness & Happiness!

Our passion is creating innovating & fashionable amazing plush toys, high-quality gift products and items with a low environmental impact.

Cuddlings.WORLD products are made to enhance the well-being, bring happiness in the family circle, help children in the development of their five senses. Most importantly we aim is to have as many part of an Exclusive Wellness & Happiness Club that promotes ethical values and high-quality products and services.

Adding value to ordinary so it becomes extraordinary is what we strive for..

Cuddlings.WORLD Teddy Bears

Their innovative interchangeable centers, diffuse therapeutic aromas to soothe and enhance well-being for children from 3 to +100 years old.

They are meant to be gifts as much as wellness and happiness diffusers, ECO-Friendly recyclable ethical and healthy – up to the packaging that we designed to have 2nd use i.e. a marble box for little Prince or a jewelry box for little Princess.

Our core concept includes – together or separately – the experience of the touch, the sight, the taste, the smell and the sound proposed in a very friendly, playful and pedagogic way.

Aromatherapy Hugs & Cuddles Every Day! Care & Smile 365 Days a Year

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