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8 Reasons: Why Self-Storage Business in USA is a Great Idea for Investment

Are you thinking of entering the self-storage industry? If your answer is yes, you’re not the only one considering it. This booming industry has grown so exponentially over the years that it would be a smart move to invest in it as soon as you can.

There are a lot of reasons why top self-storage companies attract so many investors. After all, its ROI (return on investment) and CAGR (compound annual growth rate) are predicted to remain high over the next few years.

In addition, investing in a self-storage facility is more appealing than its residential counterparts. There are no tenants, trash or bathrooms to deal with. This is why you see tons of businesses and entrepreneurs investing or starting their own self-storage businesses.

Overall, it is a great business venture. Being in the self-storage industry allows you to bring in very high yields and investment productivity. So let’s learn more about all the benefits you can enjoy if you start investing in storage units Charlotte NC.

Here are 8 Reasons Why Investing in the Self-Storage Business is a Great Idea

Great ROI

Investing in self-storage in the USA is the smartest business move you’ll ever make. Self-storage can convert a relatively low-yielding real estate asset into a high-performing one.

In addition, experts have predicted that the growth rates of the self-storage industry will remain high. As it is, this industry maintains a strong track record of a high return on investment for most facilities.

Low Management Costs

Most businesses spend a lot to hire employees, pay them and provide allowances and benefits. While the workforce is essential to running a business, it can also eat up most of your revenue.

But in the self-storage industry, this hassle is not necessary. The best self-storage companies often operate with only a few staff members. This way you can focus most of your capital on supporting and improving your business venture.

Room to Expand

In the self-storage industry, the hustle never stops. Another option to increase your income is to sell additional products and services alongside your facility.

The best self-storage companies sell not just locks and packing boxes, but also other transportation-related supplies. Furniture slides, dust covers and lifting straps are great add-ons for your clients too. The more products you offer, the more you can appeal to use your storage services too. 

Easily Customisable 

The best thing about self-storage in USA is the fact it can be customised to meet any requirements. 

The storage units come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. Clients can store anything from small items to large vehicles in a storage unit. So this makes the self-storage market more appealing to them.

The versatility and convincing that the self-storage industry provides are what make it so attractive to potential customers.


We can all admit that no industry is free from the clutches of recession. But the self-storage industry occupies a unique position in the market. This enables them to thrive in both upturns and downturns.

When the economy is thriving, homeownership increase and drives the demand for the top self-storage companies up. On the other hand, the self-storage industry still gets high demand as people sell or downsize their property.

Easy to Automate

Even the largest self-storage units in US are easier to maintain than most real estate ventures. The operations in the self-storage industry can be easily automated too.

Most storage companies Charlotte NC are equipped with kiosks, surveillance cameras, alarms, coded access gates and online paperwork options. So there is no need for you to be on-site. The storage facilities require only a few-day staff and guards.

High on Demand

Nowadays you can easily order anything online from the comfort of your own home. And with more belongings comes the need for extra storage space. But people are now starting to rent longer than invest in a home.

Thanks to all these factors, the self-storage industry continues expanding as more people seek out storage companies Charlotte NC.

Leverage Under-utilised Spaces

A lot of enterprises do not think of using all the space in their facilities. As a result, tons of spare space go unused. This is especially troublesome if you’re paying for the whole facility. After all, it’s truly a waste not to capitalise on the spare space.

When you venture into the self-store industry, you can convert them to operate self-service storage. This way you can get your money’s worth while increasing your income.


It is a great time for investors looking for their next opportunity to enter the self-storage industry. As a matter of fact, it is considered the fastest-growing segment of commercial real estate in over four decades.

Despite the regular risks of investing in real estate, this industry promises a ton of returns and benefits. If you’re thinking of self-storage services as your next investment, you’re in the right direction. Sit down with a professional self-storage broker now and get started on your new business venture

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