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Cannaco: Your Cannabis Needs Satisfied

Welcome to Cannaco! The One-Stop-Shop for all of your cannabis needs! We offer customers access to high quality THC, CBD & Cannabis related products. The company was started in 2012 by Steven van Soeren & David van Soeren from Rangeley Maine. We initially went by Cannaco Caregiving until 2015 when legalization started opening up. We have since increased our offerings to include a CBD Marketplace, Delivery Service, Smoke Shop Products and a Custom Flower Line.

The Cannaco Smokeshop was our first official business and is located at this is where Distributors and Customer can order their favorite cannabis products including All Natural Hemp Papers, Natural Acacia Wood Trays, Wooden Joint Holders, Storage Boxes, Storage Jars, Natural Hemp Clothing & so much more!

Shortly after launching the Cannaco Smoke Shop we started Cannaco Marketplace where cannabis enthusiasts can shop for all of their favorite CBD Products in one centralized location including everything from topicals to oils, to candies, gummies, chocolates, dried fruits, hemp prerolls, mints and any other CBD product you could imagine!

We are now in the process of bringing our very own Cannaco Flower Line to market! which will be launching in California and consists of Premium Grown Exotic Indoor Flower & Naturally Grown Outdoor/Greenhouse Flower which will be sold in standard 3.5g Jars, premium 3.5g Jars, singular prerolls containers & 5-pack preroll boxes. We are very excited about this current project.

The next large initiatives for the company will include a Cannaco Delivery Service and ultimately a Cannaco Dispensary so that patrons can shop both online as well as in-store making Cannaco an ideal destination for any Cannabis Connoisseur, Enthusiast and Consumer!

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