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Bringing a New Puppy Home – What Will You Need?

Owning a dog is undeniably fun, but also a big responsibility. There are many things you need to think about before bringing a dog home – as well as many things to buy to make life easier and more comfortable for both them and you! Below, we’ve listed the key things you should think to acquire before the new member of your family comes home with you.


Starting with the essentials is a wise decision, to ensure that you at least have a base line for equipment and items to begin hosting your new furry friend. For starters, you’ll need a collar and name tag for your puppy so they can be safely leashed and identified if they get away. Perhaps more importantly, the name tag will ensure that visitors and friendly strangers call them by the right name!

You’ll also need a crate to safely transport your puppy to and from vet appointments; there will be a glut of visits to begin with, what with check-ups, microchipping and vaccinations to ensure your pet starts on the right foot. For home, you’ll need a food and water bowl and a basic dog bed for at least their first few nights.


Food is another extremely important thing to sort before your puppy arrives home. Puppies have different nutritional requirements to adult dogs, and as such require dog food specifically formulated for puppies. You would do well to buy this in bulk, to save yourself money and multiple trips – and also to lessen the likelihood of running out at a crucial time.


The most fun bit of shopping for a new dog is buying up all the toys and treats you get to watch them play with later. There are no hard and fast rules here, but you’d do well to stick with plushies and other forms of soft toy. Chew-toys, especially those that incorporate bone, can present a choking hazard – as well as perhaps being too tough for a puppy’s developing mouth to begin with.


You might intend on giving your puppy over to a professional dog groomer for major haircuts and pampering – but you will still need some essential pet grooming accessories for home. You will thank yourself when you wake up one morning to a puppy that found its way into the toilet bowl… Puppy shampoo and a good brush go a long way, while a flea comb can help you ensure your pet remains free of pests.


Lastly, there are some additional comfort-based items you could think about purchasing to make your new pet feel right at home. A small sleeping blanket can quickly become a puppy’s second-favourite thing – second only to you! Cushions, blankets and soft toys to snuggle up with all make for a dog bed even you’ll be jealous of.

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