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7 Sensational Scuba Diving Spots in Dubai

Scuba Diving is one of the most fun things to do in Dubai. Out of the tons of activities that you can embark upon, scuba diving helps you to witness marine life as you have never seen before. Additionally, there are scuba divers that are suited for professionals as well as amateurs. However, the success of your scuba dive depends on the location you choose. We have listed down the best places in Dubai for scuba diving.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeriah beach is one of the most populated beaches in Dubai and it provides great scuba diving opportunities. This beach is filled with companies that offer you great scuba diving packages. Moreover, these packages are ideal for beginners in scuba diving. There are great spots off the beach that give you a good experience of scuba diving while ensuring the conditions are easy for beginners. Calm waters and great marine life make for good scuba experiences on this beach. Therefore, if you want to experience scuba diving no matter how inexperienced you are, this is the spot for you. Additionally, some experienced divers help you understand the basics and have a great time.

Zainab Shipwreck

The Zainab shipwreck provides you with an experience like no other. There are only a few spots in the ocean like this one. Having tons of things to explore makes this one of the hotspots for scuba diving in Dubai. The shipwreck allows you to access many of the rooms on the ship during the day. It is a large shipwreck that spans over 70 meters however, the entirety of the ship can be explored in a single dive. The ship has now become the home for marine life of all kinds. Therefore, you will spot many types of fish along with oysters that lay around the ship. The wreck is just 40 minutes from the shore. Above all, the short trip and the amazing marine life that you witness make this one of the must-visit spots for scuba diving.

Dibba Rock

Dibba Rocks is one of those scuba diving spots where experts advise you to make multiple dives. It is possible to cover the entire island in one dive but you will miss out on many of the finer things in the sea. These rocks are seen as a hotspot for turtles. In other words, there is a high chance of you spotting turtles swimming around you when you go scuba diving. Moreover, this spot is great for night scuba diving as well. Even after doing a few dives, you will find new things to discover. Most importantly, there are a lot of biodiversities for you to see when you dive.

Moon Island

There are only a few places that are more beautiful than Moon Island. This location is a special place that is off the coast of Dubai. This island is known to be the best place for trying your hand at water sports. Scuba diving at moon islands is a popular activity. The clear waters make for a memorable experience. Additionally, there are no hazardous marine creatures which ensure a safe experience at all times. Most importantly, there is also a slight possibility that you might get to see some dolphins here. The only drawback is that the island is 90 minutes away from the shore which makes for a long journey to and from the location.

Shark Island

A well-known spot for scuba diving is the Shark islands located off the coast of Sharjah. As the name suggests you are in for close encounters with many sharks. The dive is relatively shallow and does not require a lot of experience. We feel that a chance to be close to these majestic creatures is something which people should not miss. Moreover, this is one of the only places where you can spot sharks without having to dive too deep into the ocean.

Sheikh Mohamad’s Barge

Unlike some of the other sinkings on this list, this monument does not have a history of misfortune associated with it. This barge was deliberately sunk to provide the marine life with an artificial reef and to good effect. Therefore, this place allows you some stunning views of marine life. The barge has cranes and vehicles sunk with it and gives you a lot to explore in addition to the marine life.

Mariam Express

We end this list with the Mariam Express which was a commercial ship that sunk off the coast of Dubai. This location provides picture-perfect views when you go scuba diving. A variety of fishes have taken over the remains of the ship and made it their habitat. Trust us when we say that this location will provide you with some of the most breathtaking underwater scenes.


This list has options for everyone who loves to do scuba diving. The amateur locations will provide you with a great experience if you are just starting and have no prior experience. Moreover, you can choose the ideal spots to scuba dive through this list. There are options ranging from having encounters with sharks to exploring a ship than sunk hundreds of years ago.

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