Show Off Your Fandoms With These Funkos

With the rise of platforms such as Netflix or Prime in recent times, it has never been easier to access and enjoy the vast range of T.V shows, films, video games and albums being released seemingly every other day. With these fandoms growing more and more, there has been a huge surge in popularity of collectibles to show off your commitment and love for the series.

Arguably nothing illustrates this swing more than the huge popularity in the Funko franchise. These cute little figures have really started sprouting up in almost every single fandom you can think of, with no famous character exempt from them. “Everyone is a fan of something” is the company’s tagline which means there is a figure out there for everyone.

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#1 Captain Jack Sparrow

Our next figure is the most famous swashbuckling pirate to have ever graced our screens. For fifteen years now Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow character has been one of the most recognisable faces on our film screens. Arguably one of the few Disney series' to keep everyone watching completely enthralled, it is the charisma and charm of this beloved character that has made the franchise what it is today.

Complete with the iconic compass, braided dark hair, leather boots, tanned complexion and the darker coat, the attention to detail in this model really is something to admire. Sure to be a good fit into any level of collection, you needn't look any further to show off your pirate creditiantials.

#2 Mr Bean

Where better to start in showing off some of Funko's most exciting recent designs than the king of comedy himself: Mr Bean?

Rowan Atkinson's iconic character has entertained and split the sides of three different generations over the years; helping to influence British culture as a whole, whilst simultaneously racking up millions of fans and followers right across the globe. Done up with the instantly recognisable beige attire, black hair and adorably cute Teddy, the model does an outstanding job in capturing all of the hallmarks of this comedic legend. Whether you're an avid model collector, or simply looking to invest in a fun and quirky little piece, you need not look much further than this gem.

#3 Moana and Pua

Moana swept onto our screens in late 2016 and is still pulling in adoring audiences right across the globe. The story of a strong-willed young woman daring to cross the ocean in order to help her people proved to be an inspiring story to all those watching, winning over its audiences with its stunning animation, vocal performances and genuine diversity in story telling. One of the most successful Disney films to date, it has certainly imprinted itself on the massive franchise's history.

Celebrating Moana's Polynesian heritage, this model pays particular attention to the Pacific style attire of the film with its braids and several layers across the figure. As an added bonus, an adorable model of Moana's pig companion, Pua, is also included for extra cuteness.

#4 Pac Man

Perhaps the best known and most adored video game character of all time, Pac Man has built up an entire franchise-worth of merchandise and collectibles in his forty years at the front of our screens.

Complete with his trademark gloved thumbs up, bright yellow complexion, retro shaped eyes and striking red boots, this little model binds together the perfect combination of cuteness and that gaming nostalgia we all feel. Perfect as a stand alone model or tucked inbetween the rows and rows of similar gaming collectibles, the Pac Man Funko piece really is a quirky little thing to brag about possessing.

#5 Spiderman

In 2017 the Spiderman franchise was totally rejuvenated by the arrival of Tom Holland and the release of the Spiderman: Homecoming installment. Breathing life into an entire series, Spiderman is well and truly back in the spotlight of the hottest fandoms going around right now.

Funko have kept with the modernising of the Spiderman design, sparing no detail as they bring out this particular model. From the colouring, the detailed web shooters, spider logo and suit armour, it's a model that wouldn't ever leave you wanting. With the popularity of the new series not showing any signs of dying down and with plenty of Marvel-related films always on the horizon, you can bet models like this being hot property for a long long time.

#6 Jason Voorhees

Perhaps the most iconic horror villain of all time, who knew that Funko could make one of the most brutal killers look so adorable? Appearing first on our screens in 1980 as a child, we have nervously watched this man stride effortlessly through sequel after sequel as his body count rises and rises.

Jason's model sports all of the favourites from the infamous Friday the 13th series of films right from his terrifying hockey mask to his bloodied machete. The attention to detail that has gone into this piece makes it a real work of art too, with the rips in his jacket and deformed eye resting underneath his mask showing off the chaos that surrounds this particular figure.

#7 Ed Sheeran

Proving that no fandom is left uncovered by their signature design, Funko have answered every Sheeran fan's prayers by unleashing this model out into the market. Ever since "÷" practically took over the world of music, Ed Sheeran has been propelled into the very forefront of the public spotlight, hoovering up millions of fans right across the globe.

Made up with the plaid jacket, guitar, microphone and the most famous ginger hair on the planet, the model will leave no one questioning who is on display here.

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Written by James Metcalfe