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The Best Premier League Strikes Of All Time

A goal in football can all descend from one moment of pure imagination and genius from just one person on the pitch; there is the process of the crowd gasping at the audacious nature of what’s unfolding, before that gives way into an unimaginable roar of pure delight. The reaction of fans in fact is what can really take a good goal to the next level, the atmosphere of a packed out stadium grips and sucks you into believing that the act unfolding in front of you is on the same levels as God. A great goal on the world stage will stay fresh in the minds of fans everywhere for years and years and can almost single handedly save or make a career.

The Premier League is arguably the biggest league stage in the world to score a goal in and its millions of fans have been treated to some of the very best strikes the entire world could have ever asked for.

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#1 Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle (2002)

Dennis Bergkamp was truly a classy and magical player to watch in his day, driving Arsenal to successes largely on his own at times. Never was he more than magical than with his sublime goal against Newcastle on Arsenal's way to a league and domestic double in 2001/2002. 

Receiving the ball on the edge of the box by Robert Pires, Bergkamp flicks the ball behind him somehow and turns his man. Latching onto the end of his own pass to himself, the cool finish past the goalkeeper summed up Bergkamp as a player and topped off a beauty of a goal. 

#2 Wayne Rooney vs Man City (2011)

Voted the best Premier League goal of all time, Wayne Rooney showed exactly why he is held as being one of the best naturally gifted English players ever with this unbelievable piece of brilliance against fierce rivals Manchester City in 2011. 

Drawing the game 1-1 and going into the dying stages of the game, a fairly average ball in by Manchester United winger Nani was suddenly and audaciously taken on by Rooney. Flying in the air and producing an overhead kick fit for the history books, it would be the vital winner that all but sealed the league title for the red side of Manchester. 

#3 Joe Cole vs Manchester United (2006)

A goal is always made sweeter when it's against one of your biggest rivals and when it is the goal that effectively wins you the title against them, it makes it even more sweeter. Joe Cole's fine goal against Manchester United in 2006 ticked all those boxes. 

Picking the ball up with four or five defenders around him, it was his smart thinking, pure ability and unyielding confidence that allowed him to knock the ball past them, breakthrough on the goal and smash a brilliant finish past Edwin Van Der Sar. 

#4 Matt Taylor vs Everton (2006)

Without the flashy name or team to boast about, Matt Taylor marked himself out as a player who could score a few absolute screamers across a season, his strike against Everton in the 2006/2007 season being the best of the lot. 

Anticipating a bouncing ball near the centre of the pitch, Taylor latches onto what must have been less than half a chance and volleys the ball over forty odd yards, leaving the goalkeeper stranded and looking rather sheepish. The goal scooped up plenty of awards for its sheer genius and the looks of disbelief on everyone watching spoke volumes. 

#5 David Beckham vs Wimbledon (1996)

There was a time when David Beckham would actually have to announce himself to the world, it was just lucky for him that he picked out one of the finest goals of all time to do it. In Manchester United's first game of the season, Beckham picked up the ball from behind the halfway line, spots the goalkeeper just ever so slightly off his line and lets fly. 

The shot is timed with such precision and has so much power to it that it somehow seems to defy physics and beats the keeper to sneak in under the crossbar and cement itself as one of the best goals ever scored. 

#6 Gareth Bale vs Stoke (2010)

Gareth Bale really lit up the Premier League before jetting off to Madrid, with his first goal in a 1-2 win against Stoke showcasing the bags of potential the man from Wales had at his disposal. Making a good run down his familiar left hand side, Bale receives a cross along the box and superbly adjusts his body to get the shot away. 

With the smallest target available in the roof of the corner, he guides the ball into the top corner of the goal with an unbelievable amount of precision and power from such a tricky starting position.  

#7 Matt Le Tissier vs Newcastle (1993)

As remarkably gifted as he was loyal to his club, Matt Le Tissier was the very personification of grace in his hayday, and never was this better shown than his wonder goal against Newcastle. Picking up the ball in a bit of a no-danger situation, Le Tissier flicks the ball up and past three different defenders as he continues to race down on goal. 

The genius to pull off these innate bits of skill in the moment like he had been doing them for years really illustrated the brilliance of Le Tissier. 

#8 Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth (2008)

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest and best greats to have ever embraced the footballing world, and it was moments of sheer brilliance like this inclusion that propelled him to the top. Already wowing people with his stunning performances, there was an air of anticipation when Ronaldo won a free-kick thirty-five yards out from the goal. 

What followed next was one of the most shocking and brilliant bits of genius that would revolutionize and change the game going forward forever. Blasting the ball over the wall, the power and dip Ronaldo put on the free kick sent it flying into the top corner of the goal and triggered a deep 'wow' from anyone fortunate enough to watch it. The more you see it, the more you get an understanding of how much Ronaldo did to that ball. 

#9 Alan Shearer vs Everton (2002)

Alan Shearer will undoubtedly be remembered for years from now as being one of the greatest English strikers ever, and it is clear to see the capabilities he had to brag about when looking at goals like this one. Spotting a ball bouncing on the edge of the box, Shearer lines up his run perfectly to match the ball before it lands and lets fly a volley right across the face of the goal, leaving it to nestle in the top corner and triggering a roar of ecstasy from 50,000 Geordies. 

The combination of beautiful technique and ferocious power personifies Shearer's remarkable skills and this goal is a beautiful illustration of just how good he was. 

#10 Paolo Di Canio vs Wimbledon (2000)

Paolo Di Canio really was something of a maverick during his time in the Premier League. Love him or hate him, he possessed some of the most remarkable skills ever seen, with his strike against Wimbledon in 2000 coming to symbolise his raw ability. 

Receiving a cross to the very left of the box, Di Canio doesn't wait for the ball to drop or even try and adjust his body but instead launches into one of the most audacious scissor kicks ever seen. With textbook precision, the ball nestles itself in the edge of the goal, completing one of the best individual bits of skill ever.

#11 Olivier Giroud vs Crystal Palace (2017)

One of the best bits of individual creativity and sheer ingenuity that sums up just how good modern footballers are in this day and age, Olivier Giroud's 'scorpion kick' stunned the world completely when it first went in. Following on from Henrik Mkhitaryan's similar goal a week before, Giroud latched onto a cross by Alexis Sanchez and, whilst still moving at some pace, managed to get his boot up in the air and guide the ball in under the crossbar. 

An absolute screamer, the emotion on the face of everyone watching really sums up the magic on display.  

#12 Eric Cantona vs Sunderland (1996)

Very few players brought as much charm and character to a team as Eric Cantona did to Manchester United in the 1990s. One of the most infamous and controversial players in history, no one could ever question the raw ability he brought to the pitch. No better was this displayed than with his sublime chip against Sunderland in 1996. 

Making an already impressive mazy run past the Sunderland defence, Cantona played a quick pass with a teammate before lofting the ball over the goalkeeper's head and watching it effortlessly bounce in under the crossbar. His trademark no-emotion celebration has gone down in Premier League history as being one of the most iconic moments ever. 

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