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Get Ahead With These Ways Of Being Totally Convincing

Getting ahead in today’s life can be a challenging thing to do, and is almost totally reliant on you being able to sell yourself in the most convincing ways possible. For some, this can be a bit of an uphill battle and it can prove to be a struggle making sure you don’t fall into some of the ‘comfort traps’ that can confuse, distract or put off a potential audience.

Below are some of the very best tips, tactics and strategies in ensuring you keep yourself in the best position to convince your peers and get ahead in any situation you wish to put yourself in.

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#1 Good Posture

A trait that can be one of the most damaging to how a person is being perceived, a bad form of posture can range from anything like having your shoulders slouched, to swaying your back out. With different postures radiating different messages to an audience, it's important that you don't fall into what the trap of going with what feels the most comfortable for you in the moment. A good posture will demonstrate a healthy level of confidence and taking the situation seriously, and will separate you out immediately from those that don't necessarily assume posture's importance in an encounter. 

#2 Smiling

A universal sign of being at ease and enjoying the situation, a smile has proven to be one of the best ways of establishing trust, understanding and creating a positive rapport with a conversation partner. Obviously make sure not to do over-do it - overusing your smile will make you look fake and will put the audience off your character. Smiling at a point or a comment will often draw attention to what's been said and will leave a resonating memory with those you've shared it with, making it a very useful tool in trying to convince someone of something. 

#3 Simple Language

It might be assumed that going into a situation and pulling out long-winded and complicated language would be a good way of demonstrating your knowledge and making it seem like you know what you're talking about. In reality, it's more of the opposite. Advanced language is far more likely to muddle up your points, confuse and lose your audience and runs the risk of making you trip yourself up. Keep things simple in how you explain them because it'll guarantee that there won't be any blurred lines in how it comes across.

#4 Emphasis Key Points

The bulk of convincing someone of something comes from the reality that you believe it is a good idea, and you have the points to prove it. By slowing down and upping the volume when you speak about a certain convincing point, you will ensure that it's one of the key moments your audience will remember when they leave the conversation. A brilliant tactic if you know where your best points are in your arguments, by using emphasis at the right times you'll have the ability to guide and focus your audience along your path and stand much more chance of leaving them convinced.  

#5 Eye Contact

Another universal sign, eye contact is a staple way of showing respect for both your conversation partner and the situation as a whole. Doubling up as a good way of showing being at ease and establishing a rapport with someone, without a decent amount of eye contact most will find it hard to come across as even the slightest bit convincing. On the flip side, it is important to ensure you don't accidentally turn the conversation into a staring competition. Break the eye contact every so often so that it ensures the conversation remains relaxed and both partners are at ease with eachother. 

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Written by James Metcalfe

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