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15 Top Tips To Get Ahead In The World Of Fashion Blogging

The world of fashion blogging is intertwined with all of the dominant media platforms that have proven to be staple inclusions in our phones, tablets and computers and have carved several exciting career opportunities for those wishing to involve themselves in the industry. However, knowing where to start and how to set yourself up for success can prove to be a headache-causing dilemma for some. Below are the hottest tips for those wishing to get ahead in the world of fashion blogging.

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#1 Engage with your fans

I've learned the importance of engaging with your followers. Without engaging your followers, *not only is blogging not as fun*, but on the business side your conversions or sales remain pretty low. Be candid. Be kind.

Contributor: Dalton Primeaux from

#2 Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable

I think with fashion or style blogging it's also extremely important to dress the way you feel comfortable - and share outfits that speak to who you are. Readers can tell when you are just posting an outfit because it's trendy or because it's a popular brand. Without the honesty and the vulnerability that comes with being your true self - your audience has nothing to connect to.

Contributor: Dalton Primeaux from

#3 Know your worth

If you are putting time into creating content, writing a story, etc. you are doing a service and should never be afraid to ask for compensation. Negotiate a fair price that encompasses the time you put into your work - and the awareness or sales you are bringing to a brand.

Contributor: Dalton Primeaux from

#4 Networking

With any business networking is a must. Don't hesitate to reach out to PR firms, agencies or brands and build a relationship with them. Go to events. Invite contacts to coffee. Meet face-to-face. Such a great way to keep your blog in their minds for projects that may fit your content.

Contributor: Dalton Primeaux from

#6 Do it for the right reasons

If you are starting a fashion blog to make money or to get free stuff, you are doing it for all the wrong reasons and probably won't grow super quickly. It becomes obvious that you are only in it for the free stuff! If you are passionate about fashion and genuinely want to help/serve women, that will show organically through your posts!

Contributor: Kelsey Hill from

#7 Stay in your own lane

The market is already super saturated with fashion bloggers, it doesn't need another copycat! Post about what YOU love and how YOU would style things! It's okay to look at other bloggers for inspiration, but don't copy everything they do. It's obvious, and you want people to follow you for your unique sense of style!

Contributor: Kelsey Hill from

#8 Communication is key

For example, many times I receive emails with nothing but a link to their social media pages and a Do you want to collaborate with me? This sounds obvious, but please be descriptive and talkative. Of course, if the email runs for pages on end, it becomes quite cumbersome to read but, for the most part, it's always nice to look through a short excerpt on who you are, what you do, how large your audience is, where you're based, and etc.

Contributor: Albert Pan from

#9 Be Specific

Do your research on the brand, be specific in what you want out of this collaboration, and be personal with them. What I mean is, don't just copy and paste the same generic template over and over again. What items are you looking at? What do you like about our product that  differentiates it? Do you match up aesthetically with the brand in some sort of way?

Contributor: Albert Pan from

#10 Be Thankful

When I reach out to influencers myself, I always remember to thank them for their time and thank them for consideration (even if it's a 'no'). The people who read your emails won't always respond because they themselves have busy lives, but it never hurts to at least show your nice side. As a person who reads emails as part of their job, I'm always more inclined to reply back and stay in touch with someone who is respectful and appreciative.

Contributor: Albert Pan from

#11 Be Yourself

I've worked with a number of fashion bloggers and the ones that are successful have a true sense of self. Their blog is more than images of product or fashion tips but an extension and expression of themselves.

My tip would be to apply your personality to each aspect of your blog from its design, branding, writing style, and imagery. It should be uniquely you...

Contributor: Chris Hornak, Owner of Blog Hands

#12 Be prepared to self-fund

Be prepared to self-fund your initial content - whether you’re planning on creating an actual blog or a youtube channel, go in with the attitude that you’re going to be spending your one money initially which includes buying/renting clothes to style, paying for subscription services, investing in a good camera, etc..

Contributor: Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Editor and Content Creator at

#14 Seize opportunity

More often that not, new bloggers look to very established bloggers for inspiration - hoping to recreate the same success trajectory as their peers but that’s not really realistic. Unless you happen to be very close to a successful blogger who is going to mentor and open door for you; it’s likely you’ll need to figure out what combination of a monetization strategy you’re most attracted and works with your audience.

Contributor: Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Editor and Content Creator at

#15 Go to events

Although you may not be able to tell from someones Instagram feed, a blogging career can be extremely isolating so going to blogger conferences, launch events and so forth helps break up the monotony of being in front of a screen and also provides great networking benefits with your blogging peers.

Contributor: Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Editor and Content Creator at

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