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The 19 Best Tips For Improving Your Attitude To Working

The workplace is filled to the brim with issues and challenges that might hamper one’s ability to stay motivated and productive. Remaining at your peak throughout the working week takes a lot of planning and preparation.

We reached out to industry leaders and experts to find the best small tips and tricks that you can easily put into practice to improve your overall attitude towards working.

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#1 The ‘Why’ Question

Work is a worthy endeavor: Tim Keller wrote a book called, “Every Good Endeavor” that speaks to the mindset/Foundation for the value of work.

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Always good to have a strong purpose or “Why” behind what we do.

When I stay connected to the end goal of my work I can push through the mundane more easily.

Contributor: Nate Sallee from

#2 Lunchtime = Bonding Time

I work for a fantastic company that focuses on a positive workplace culture.

Here are a few things that does to keep its employees happy:

  • We are encouraged to eat lunch as a team, and we are not required to clock out
  • Lunch is catered three times a week
  • The kitchen is fully stocked with snacks and drinks.

Contributor: Laurelei Litke from

#3 Surveys

Here are a few more things that does to keep its employees happy:

  • Regular surveys are sent by HR to get a feel for office morale
  • Our ideas are encouraged and heard through a messaging channel that is shared with the CEO.

Contributor: Laurelei Litke from

#4 Director of Happiness

We take our company culture and team member engagement very seriously around here and have lots of programs and efforts toward maintaining a high level of satisfaction based on recurring internal surveys. One of the things we’ve done is created a full-time position called Director of Happiness. The primary responsibility is team member engagement and morale.

Contributor: Darren Schreher from

#6 Transparent Recognition

An idea we implemented was providing transparent and open recognition which is given by fellow team members and then projected onto a 10-foot high screen on the front wall of our office. Each recognition is also tied to one of our core values. Additionally, we give personalized birthday celebrations, free music festival tickets as rewards, and a team member of the month award worth $500.

Contributor: Darren Schreher from

#8 PPE

Productivity at work can be easily increased by what I call the 'PPE', planning, preparation and execution. Identifying what you want to accomplish, getting ready to do it and finally getting it done can immensely improve your efficiency at work.

Contributor: Dr. Ameerzeb Pirzada from

#10 Strategise

Achieving creativity at work starts with defining what goals you want to achieve, identify it, prepare a strategy for it and work towards it. Whether you’re dealing with a client, a coworker or a project, deciding beforehand what you have to do can make your life easy and bring the creativity you’re looking for.

Contributor: Dr. Ameerzeb Pirzada from

#11 ‘Love Your Job’ Attitude

Ask yourself, ‘How would I show up if I loved my job?” Acting and bringing the feeling emotions in as if you love what you are doing will make you a super attractor for job promotions, raises, new opportunities etc. Smile when you don't want to and see how it lifts your attitude, even if you're laughing at yourself for being cynical in the moment it lightens your mood.

Contributor: Jennifer Moxley from Sunshine Media Network

#12 Respect Your Team

Respect the people you work with even if you “can’t stand them.” People we “don’t like” or who “drive us nuts” often mirror the things we don’t like within ourselves. Try to compliment or pick out something nice about them each day, it will make them more tolerable to you.

Contributor: Jennifer Moxley from Sunshine Media Network

#13 10% Plan

Ask yourself “How can I make my day even 10% better today?” and then do that. It’s easy to focus on pessimism which will make your day worse. Focus on the good to breed more good and small increments are enough to feel different.

Contributor: Jennifer Moxley from Sunshine Media Network

#14 Plan Around Your Natural Energy

Track your energy cycle and then plan your day around it. This way you are scheduling meetings, etc for the high vibe times of the day and saving busy work for the lower energy times of the day. If you're a morning person, maximize the mornings. If you tend to eat high carb lunches and suffer from lunch comas, then shift your workloads to before lunch.

Contributor: Jennifer Moxley from Sunshine Media Network

#15 Fun Clubs

Start a fun club - I started a weekly cereal club, we made it a big thing to do and every Monday someone would pick a cereal out of a hat and everyone would throw in $5 (for the month). I didn’t tell anyone what the cereal was but on Tuesday they would come in and I would surprise them with cereal and we would all eat together.

Contributor: Jennifer Moxley from Sunshine Media Network

#19 Perspective

I learned that I was focused on my boss’s personality, reputation and style and I had the real problem.What I needed to do was focus on what I could do something about. When I went back to work I was determined to learn more about leadership and do what I could to make things better. I grew more confident and let him know to schedule meetings with me. I decided his style and past were no concern of mine. I learned more about how to be the best at my job and I taught him as well. He started to trust me more and took my advice, allowing me to handle fantastic, highly visible projects of my own design. Within a very short time a new job was created for me and I had my $10,000 raise.

It all worked because I focused on the things I could do something about, and no longer worried about those things beyond my control.

Contributor: Katy Caselli from

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