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The 7 Best Books For Dealing With Heartbreak And Breakups

In everyone’s life, no matter who you are, you will experience a gut-wrenching level of heartbreak that will totally dominate your entire world for some amount of time. The effects of this can be far-reaching and hugely influential, in not only your mood but your whole level of efficiency and productivity in your day to day lifestyle.

Below are the best books for dealing with such heartbreak (as recommended by experts), supplying you with all the right tools and the mindset to emerge from the other side with a stronger and more positive outlook.

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#1 Healing Journeys – Dr. Kevin Kita

A very good book for dealing with heartbreak is 'Healing Journeys Stories of Mind, Body, and Spirit'. There are six true stories about six different emotions fear, criticism, resentment, anger, forgiveness, and self-esteem. At the end of each chapter there are exercises that the person can use to help them overcome that emotion.

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Contributor: Dr. Kevin Kita from drkevinkita.com

  1. This book helped me understand how we store emotional trauma in the body, and the things we can do help the body let it go. Game changer.

#2 So You Love An… Alcoholic?

My NEW book has 25+ things to do when dealing with a broken heart.

We all can get codependent in a relationship, so my book's lessons, tips, and strategies can apply to everyone.

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Contributor: Grace W. Wroldson, Author.

  1. Grace is an amazing author with powerful insights. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to reflect and remain resilient.

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#6 50 After 50 – Maria Olsen

At age 50, Maria Leonard Olsen drank her way out of her 25-year marriage. She was depressed and stuck. When she turned 50, she had the distinct feeling that she was on the downward slope of her life. So when she turned 50, her gift to herself was to go on a crusade to make the most of whatever time she had left.

She set out to do 50 new things that were significant, at least to her. Each taught her something about herself and about how she wanted to lead the next years of her life to come. This work follows the work she did to overcome addiction and trauma to accomplish those 50 new things and shows readers how to make their own action lists – whether it be joining a knitting club or hiking the Himalayas, every item has significance for each individual and speaks to her needs and desires. The list is the match to spark the fire that will light the years after 50. Readers will hear about Maria’s adventures and the rewards of each.

Accomplishing new things, learn-ing new skills, deepening personal and spiritual relationships, and seeking out challenges will add the spice to a life that may feel repetitive, insignificant, inauthentic, or just plain boring.

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Contributor: Maria Olsen from MariaLeonardOlsen.com

#7 My Cat Won’t Bark – Kevin Darne

The book is about learning how to approach relationships with complete awareness, having realistic expectations, and using self-empowerment techniques. My Cat Won't Bark! is laced with several humorous anecdotes and has received some noteworthy positive editorial reviews from the likes of Publishers Weekly, Reader's Favorite, and Midwest Book Review.

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Contributor: Kevin Darné from lovealert911.com

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Written by James Metcalfe

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