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The 6 Must Have Add Ons For Any Cycling Lover

Any cyclist, no matter their skill level, is always on the look out for bits and pieces that will optimise their performance and experience out on the road, path or slopes. These expert picks from the cycling world combine the finesse, style, affordability and convenience needed in the most exhilarating and successful cycle rides in the world.

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#1 Life Mounts Cell Phone Holder

The Life Mounts Bicycle Cell Phone Holder has become as important to the modern day rider as a spare tube and multi-tool. Your phone is held tight with corner mounting bands and is easily removed from the durable silicone rubber mount when you are done with your ride. The patented universal mount has a fully adjustable multi-position swivel for both portrait and landscape viewing and the secure handlebar, stem and seat post attachment strap adapts to a variety of mounting locations. It's the perfect accessory to increase enjoyment, connectivity and safety.

Contributor: Christoph Pierre from

#2 On Demand Storage Systems (Off Season)

My suggestion for cyclists during the winter and off-season for cycling is to utilize an on-demand storage system. By using an on-demand storage company, cyclists can create additional space in their home that isn't being taken up by their bicycle, or in some cases, multiple bicycles. Then, once cycling season comes around again, all they need to do is schedule a delivery and their bicycle will be dropped back off to them. Our team member can deliver the bicycle back to the cyclists home, or deliver it to wherever they'd like to take their first ride of the season!

Contributor: Kelly Tenny from

#3 Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat

We think that getting the whole family out of the house is a great way to unplug from our digital lives, as well as bond with the family and get some exercise. A child bike seat is a definitely must-have for parents who want to expand their cycling experience.

With the Hamax Caress child bike seat, even the littlest members of the family can feel the wind whipping through their hair as they cruise down the sidewalk.  Plus, there are many proven benefits of biking with your children including better school performance and being more involved in the community.

The Hamax products have won several awards for safety and design including Best in Test from both the UK and Germany, and the Red Dot Design Award.

Contributor: Meredith Russell from

#4 Bobo’s Fuel Snacks

Supplying all the energy needed for a long and arduous cycle ride, Bobo's Bars are great for all athletes to give them sustainable energy. These bars are all baked by hand with simple ingredients like oats to create a healthy and great tasting snack. They come in a variety of flavors anyone will love like Banana Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, Apple Pie, Gingerbread, and more. Bobo's also offers bite sized bars and nut butter stuffed bars.

Contributor: Genesis Bazo from

#5 RunLites Gloves

RunLites by Mangata, are the newest and most popular wearable safety solution on the market. While there's a lot of personal protective and safety clothing out there, nothing is as lightweight or effective as RunLites. They allow you to SEE & BE SEEN.

Key features include: Rechargeable Li-On batteries, dual port USB cable included. The patented and USB rechargeable LED units are interchangeable into any Mangata product. Two power settings, set for Super bright light (40 lumens or 80 lumens.) Lights cast a radial arc of light of 135 degree per hand. Convenient palm pocket for items such as money and keys. Lightweight breathable fabric for UV protection and coverage.

#6 Spurcycle Bell

Yes $50 for a bell seems crazy but I refuse to ride a bicycle that does not have one of these mounted. That's how good they are. I may forget to fill a water bottle or forget to grab a spare tube and not realize that until too late, but 2 minutes into a ride I will recognize when I'm missing my bell.

Contributor: Erik Binggeser

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