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The 7 Most Stunning Locations For Your Backpacking Adventures

Boarding a plane and jetting off to somewhere new, vibrant and exotic is a sensation that never fails to get anyone excited, particularly when you know you are on your way to some of the most sought-after destinations on the entire planet. Below are some of the very best places selected by experts for backpacking adventures found anywhere on earth.

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#1 Indonesia

Tolire Lake is a brilliant blue volcanic lake on the island of Ternate, North Maluku province. There are many legends revolving around this five hectares lake. Excited to visit this beautiful place like @adityaspermana ? #WonderfulIndonesia

10.7k Likes, 72 Comments - Indonesia.Travel (@indtravel) on Instagram: "Tolire Lake is a brilliant blue volcanic lake on the island of Ternate, North Maluku province...."

To me, Indonesia stands out from many other places. The cost of living is very low, the landscapes are wonderful and you have everything you're looking for here. If you're into big cities, go to Jakarta. If you like getting a tan on the beach, go to the Gili Islands. If you're into scuba diving, Nusa Penida is the place to be. And if you're adventurous, head to Flores Island!

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#2 Perú

This South American gem is home to the world-famous Machu Picchu and lush sections of the Amazon rainforest - and very affordable for a savvy traveler. It's rich in archaeological sites such as the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and the impressive city of Cusco, but if you get off the beaten track, you can eat incredible Peruvian delicacies for as little as US$3. Getting around Peru can also be reasonable, with some monthly transport passes costing as little as US$21. 

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#3 Vietnam

I was hesitant to make the trip out to ha long bay due to the awful forecast, but I lucked out with the some of the best weather I've experienced in Vietnam. Thanks #catbaventures for the perfect cruise.

728 Likes, 85 Comments - Ali Olfat (@ali_youngskinny) on Instagram: "I was hesitant to make the trip out to ha long bay due to the awful forecast, but I lucked out with..."

Head to one of Asia's most exciting countries where you can adventure until your heart's content, all on a modest shoestring. Whether you're in buzzing Ho Chi Minh City or the capital Hanoi, you can eat at delicious street food stalls for as little as US$1. 

Or fly between the two cities for as little as US$100 and explore both! When it comes to Vietnam, many travelers fall under its spell and end up staying, working in jobs such as teaching English in local schools. With teacher's salaries as much as US$900p/m and rent as little as US$300p/m, it's easy to see how travelers can save whilst experiencing this unique culture. 

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#4 Philippines – Manila

Manila might be an underrated city compared to other Asian capitals that are bustling with travelers, but tourists who crave to try and see something new will definitely want to visit, explore, and see Manila in a new light - and it shows because the number of tourist arrivals have been steadily increasing. 

There is an ongoing cultural shift in the Philippine capital of Manila, thanks to younger Filipinos who see the Filipino culture as something that deserves more attention, giving birth to cultural movements that aim to promote and preserve the Filipino heritage by taking it to the streets through art, fashion, music, and food. 

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#5 Portugal – Lisbon

Something of a revitalized country in the past couple of years, Lisbon has found itself becoming an increasingly popular destination for young travelers hoping to see the beauty in the world. Growing on the world stage as one of only two cities in Portugal to be listed as a 'global city', Lisbon's charm arises from its geographical location on the coastline of the country and lying on top of dozens of sharp hills. Blending perfectly between a cultural hub and something for those looking to enjoy the nightlife, few places offer as much as Lisbon. 

  1. Lisbon is one of our favourite European cities and without doubt the best part is riding the trams to the different miradouras. get the tram up, the hills are steep and enjoy a stroll back down visiting the many little cafes en route, you get to taste real Lisbon and not just the tourist parts. Great photo

#6 Hungary – Budapest

With the bragging rights of possessing one of the richest and longstanding histories in the entire continent, Budapest has always shown itself to be a popular destination for those on their gap year. With so much culture that it is practically infectious, Budapest offers an abundance of sweeping views and stunning lifestyles and is the perfect location for anyone wishing to take in the whole charm of Europe in a single city. 

#7 Tanzania

The King of all Kings #lionking #realstory #experiencesavana #safari #tanzania #africa #serenegeti

4,680 Likes, 28 Comments - TV & EVENT DESIGN & PRODUCTION (@alketavejsiu) on Instagram: "The King of all Kings #lionking #realstory #experiencesavana #safari #tanzania #africa #serenegeti"

Undoubtedly one of the jewels in the attraction that is tourism in Africa, Tanzania represents the 'heart' of the entire continent. The challenge of scaling Mount Kilimanjaro aside for the moment, Tanzania is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches, sweeping views and the most awe-inspiring nature reserves and parks that have been lost from various other parts of the world. For a truly life changing experience, there are very places that throw up so much natural wonder.  

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