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Explore The World: The 8 Most Romantic Places On The Planet

Jetting off to somewhere and exploring stunning new places is always made a hundred times better when you’re with that someone special. Below are some of the most visually beautiful and unapologetically romantic locations you can spend a getaway with someone special at.

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#1 Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Africa has its fair share of romantic locations, but slightly more off the radar yet still as alluring as the Masai Mara, is Spitzkoppe, its spectacular granite peaks rising out of the Namib desert, the highest outcrop standing at about 700 metres.

While the Namibian landmark is a firm fixture on the overland circuit, you won’t have an issue finding a crowd-free zone - so steal yourselves away and enjoy the feeling of being the only two dots on the horizon. The dramatic sunsets at this geological Namibian treasure are rivalled only by the stargazing opportunities and once you’ve bedded down amongst its gigantic rock boulders you’ll be treated to a celestial vista that is completely untainted by any light pollution.

Contributor: Sabine Behrmann from Acacia Africa

#2 Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

A biobay is a bay where the water literally glows. The bioluminescence of a bio bay is caused by single-celled microorganisms called dinoflagellates. These microorganisms glow briefly, usually in a blue-green color, whenever they are disturbed. This means that every splash and every movement in the water causes the dinoflagellates to light up in the water around you, giving the bay its distinctive glow.

As if that atmosphere isn't romantic enough, it's made all the cooler by the fact that you can't actually photograph a biobay. It just doesn't translate to film. Basically all of the photos online are edited, and they don't come close to capturing what it's really like. That means that you have to actually travel to a biobay to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. What's more romantic than that?

Contributor: Kelly Chase from

#3 Phuket, Thailand

Paradise Beach is a secluded area where the sand and water is beautiful. There is Phi Phi Island that consists of several islands like, Monkey Beach and Maya Beach. It's a boat ride where there is snorkeling and real monkey's scaling the rocks. Truly beautiful.

Contributor: Roland Hinds from Silent SCREAM

#4 Yellowstone National Park, United States of America

Apparently, around a dozen romance novels linking romance and Yellowstone National Park were written between 1880 and 1930, each stop on the tourist trail evoking specific emotions, the love story unfolding as the fictional tourists visited the park's sights. Fast forward to 2018 and Yellowstone has still got it, its mighty geysers, towering canyons, cascading waterfalls and magnificent sunsets as magical now as they were all those years ago.

Contributor: Ranch Rider from

#5 Camino de Santiago, Spain

One of our packages, the Camino Romantico, is a unique experience of the ancient pilgrimage tailored to lovebirds who want to celebrate their marriage, rekindle a spark or simply spend quality time together in the scenic surrounds of rural Spain.

This meaningful trip sees the couples walk through idyllic farmland, ancient ruins, vibrant green landscape and peaceful forests while getting to sample the delectable local cuisine immerse themselves in Spanish culture.

Contributor: Jane Casey from 

#6 Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a string of 5 towns set along the Italian Riviera coastline. It has an other-wordly feel to it. Although many people pass through to experience the charm of Cinque Terre, with it's colorful, jagged buildings; and it's clear port and sea; the towns give the feel that it's just the two of you, discovering this alternate universe for the first time.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#7 Cartagena, Columbia

Cartagena is everything you dream of in a South American town, and more. Color, music, water, horse and carriage rides through the walled city; art and architecture. Become characters in your own movie against this gorgeous backdrop where memories are waiting to be made.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#8 Gap Of Dunloe, Ireland

Whilst Ireland might not be the first country in your head when the word 'romantic' is mentioned, the Gap of Dunloe located in County Kerry does a splendid job in perhaps reassessing that reality. Formed all the way back in the ice ages, this prehistoric natural phenomenon is an absolutely breathtaking sight to see and walk up. With all the tranquility in the world (save for a couple sheep or horses!), the gap separates you from the hustle and bustle of everyday and just provides the perfect setting to lose yourself in the company of that special something. 

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