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Unleash Your Energy With These 7 Healthy Lunch Suggestions

Lunchtime makes up an important part of anyone’s day, regardless of the schedule they have planned. Finding the right balance of healthiness and energy can often lead to plenty of headaches for those planning out a week’s worth of meals. However, these 7 expert choice suggestions will supply all the inspiration needed to produce some of the best lunches you will have ever eaten.

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#1 Cauliflower Rice

The most important factor to consider is blood sugar stabilization because when blood sugar drops, we get shaky, fatigues, can’t think clearly, and who wants that at work during the day! So the key is to eat protein, healthy fats, and fiber (lots of veggies).

If meal prepping, sauté cauliflower rice with diced onion in olive oil for 2 min. Let cool and toss with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, chopped celery and diced chicken. This can be made ahead and taken to work for lunch, no need to reheat. Drizzle with an herb-infused olive oil and/or a squeeze of lime.

Contributor: Alicia Galvin, RD from

#2 Protein Bars – Gutsey


Gutsey bars were created for those on-the-go who desire a better alternative from the traditional snack bars that are filled with sugar, bulked up with grains, gluten and other mystery ingredients. Our bars contain only good fats and organic ingredients, no GMO's, no grains, no gluten and no added sugars.

The taste and texture of all three bars are unique and totally crave-able!

Contributor: Carrie Forbes from

#3 Fruit And Nuts

Nuts are a great, nonperishable, healthy and filling snack to eat at your desk. Fruit is another great option too; just pack a fruit that’s not too messy or bring it in a container with a fork. Alternatively, you can snack on dried fruit (although it is a less healthy choice).

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#4 Sandwiches and Pasta Salads

Sandwiches are easy to prepare in advance and are good eaten cold. Fill it with protein, like egg or tuna, and vegetables for a healthful and filling lunch.

Pasta salads and vegetable salads are another option to take to work. They take a bit more time to prepare, but you can prepare a larger quantity to last you for more than one day.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#5 Huel

For busy professionals, finding a nutritious lunch that can be prepared quickly is often a challenge. Huel is a nutritionally complete powder that is time-saving, convenient, 100% vegan and healthy. Huel contains all 27 vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy diet, and all the proteins, carbs, and fats you need. Just add water and it becomes a fast and uncomplicated meal.

Contributor: Christina Deecken from

#7 BBQ Wraps

Start the wrap off with savory pulled pork, mix it in with daily house-made spicy corn, throw in some black beans, throw on some pepper jack cheese and toss it all with BBQ sauce with leafy greens in a green tortilla wrap. That just screams “BBQ On the Go”! Plus, it being under 1,000 calories, it’s perfect for any health nut looking to spice up their food options.

Contributor: Founder/CEO, Derin Alemli from (Chicago)

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