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Unwinding After Work: 17 Ways To Kick Back And Relax

A long, hard day at work can leave anyone feeling pretty hollow and rather tired. However, it is important that we seek good and efficient ways of unwinding from the stresses and issues surrounding day-to-day working lives and take some time for ourselves. Below are 17 of the best ways in which you can unwind after even the toughest days at work.

Each of the ways below is suggested by Fupping contributors.

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#1 Keep It Varied

The best way to unwind and relax after a long day is to engage in the opposite of what you do at work.

For example, if you are an accountant and sit at your desk all day. Then a great way for you to unwind is to do something physical such as a walk. If you have a very physical job, you may opt to relax with a book.

This way of relaxing allows us to stay balanced and productive in all areas of our life.

Contributor: Andrea Travillian from

#2 Breathwork

Meditation and breath work is the easiest way to unwind and relax after work. Whether that is listening to a guided meditation, such as those offered by Insight Timer or Headspace, or simply focusing on long, slow and deep inhales and exhales, you will physically and mentally release tension and shift into the present moment. That shift leaves work behind and re-centers on the now.

Contributor: Jennifer Bauer from 

#3 Meditation

One meditation I walk my clients through is a body scan. I guide them through shifting their awareness to different parts of their bodies starting from their toes all the way up into their head. I invite them to focus on the physical sensations of each body part such as the texture of their clothing, the temperature of the room on their skin, and even feeling into their heartbeat or digestion. It's a meditation that they can and do use on their own when stressed in order to return to a calm state.

Contributor: Jennifer Bauer from

#4 Podcasts

I detach my focus on work by listening to podcasts and audiobooks or going for a drive. The reason listening to media works for me, even if it's on the subject of business or digital marketing, is because I'm not actively focused on work for my clients. I'm able to think in more abstract terms than an intense, hyper-focused result.

Contributor: Rob Sloan from

#5 ‘Windows Down, Devices Off’

Head home with the radio in the car OFF. If the weather is nice, roll the windows down to get some natural air.

Once You get home, Plug your phone in to charge in another room, and don't touch it. Turn OFF all other tech devices (TV, Radio, etc) as well. Sip a nice glass of wine, or calming tea, or a nice glass of scotch and just enjoy the silence for 15 or 30 minutes

Contributor: Jeff Lenney from

#7 Book Reading

For me, reading a good book is one of the best ways to unwind. I have a busy mind, and even in my downtime, I need something to keep it active. Picking up a good book (that isn't work related) and spending an hour reading in the evening gives me time to wind down and enjoy something simple for a while.

Contributor: Joshua C. Forrest from

#8 Goals

As many workplace tasks are repetitive, span long periods or have no definite finish, it is not uncommon to come home feeling exhausted by the futility of it all.

A perfect remedy for this is to set small, achievable goals for yourself when you return home. Going for a fifteen-minute walk, eating a specific fresh food, changing your bed linens, reading a single chapter of a book– accomplishing any small task with a quantifiable result can help to relieve your burnout and put you back in a productive frame of mind. Selecting tasks with a self-care element only sweetens the deal and gives you something to look forward to at the end of your day.

Contributor: Claire Goodwin from

#9 Dancing

One of the best ways to unwind is to dance. Find your favorite music genre, whether it is a sexy Latin Salsa or a seductive Argentine Tango and grab your dancing shoes. When you are immersed in a completely different activity, your constantly preoccupied, working mind that typically ruminates on work projects and deadlines is forced to switch channels, thereby allowing it to relax and rejuvenate.

Contributor: Nataliya Grygoryeva, CVA from

#12 Folding Laundry

We usually have either an exhausting day or an extremely mellow day, so we need to find a reset after work. If I’m having a busy day at the restaurant where I work nights, I’ll come home and fold laundry and meditate on my evening with a glass of wine. I like to fold in the basement so the family is not disturbed while they are sleeping. Folding laundry in the quiet or with soft music can be meditative because of the repetition.

Contributor: KJ Landis from

#14 Yoga

I love to go home, get changed into my active wear and go to my local yoga studio for a class. Yoga is the perfect way to enable my brain to stop constantly ticking and lets me unwind so I am able to sleep. When I get home, I love to drink a cup of tea by the fire and read a book before getting to bed.

This ritual means that I can always fall asleep so easily and when my body clock wakes me with a jolt in the morning, I am able to start my day with energy and focus!

Contributor: Stephanie Roberts from

#15 Go To A Park

Research shows that when we spend time outside, it actually helps us to increase our productivity, creativity and happiness levels. Being in nature also improves our moods, enhances relaxation, lowers our stress levels. And it makes sense, because I always find myself drawn to the desire of decompressing in green spaces after a long, hard day.

Contributor: Leanne Wei from

#16 Journaling

When I first started journaling consistently a year ago, I didn’t realize just how therapeutic writing my thoughts and emotions on paper would be. I always begin by writing 10 things I’m grateful for, followed by any thoughts or feelings I have - the good and the bad. Releasing your emotions is so much more productive than suppressing what you feel. Acknowledge your thoughts and let them go. You will go to sleep so much better at night.

Contributor: Leanne Wei from

#17 Screen Time

A classic. Like all screen-entertainment, it should be consumed in moderation. Nobody should be rotting in front of the tube. Nevertheless, television has power. It can be very relaxing, and it provides you with a way to “turn off” your brain for a while, and immerse yourself in a story.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

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