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Dating: 9 Great Ideas For That First Date

The first date is the most important date anyone will ever go on with that special someone they like. It’s the first and only opportunity to really nail that good initial impression. The lasting effects and legacy of the first date will go a long way in determining whether or not a blossoming relationship will have any legs to stand on.

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#1 Candle Making Classes

From the company: Our space is intimate, fun, relaxing, and some would even say romantic.

Couples have private time together as they explore the fragrance table to determine their favorite candle scents! All of our fragrances have aromatherapy benefits and some of our scents are even aphrodisiacs ... one sniff of vanilla or Sandalwood and viola - a love connection is made.

After each guest picks their favorite fragrance they go back to their spots to pour the natural soy and coconut wax into their jars. Of course, all while sipping on their favorite wine.

Contributor: Ashley Shillingford from Aroma Kyoor 

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  1. Sounds romantic!

  2. I love hands on activities which I think is great for first date to ease any nervousness
I would definitely do this!!!

#2 Indoor Mini Golf

We have been told that this date promotes good conversation while playing golf and allows for the couple to remain true to their inner competitive self. After playing 18 holes, couples partake in the indoor gaming arcade, where the competitive first date battle continues for bragging rights!

Contributor: Ta'Veca Collins from

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#3 Snooker/Pool

I believe playing pool is the best way to have fun while getting to know the other person. The activity can competitive but it can also lead to intimate moments. A billiard room is usually dark, loud and casual. If there is music playing, you don't have to worry about keeping the conversation going. One person might be better at playing pool than the other, which can be quite amusing!

Expect lots of laughter and banter following any mishaps. It's a great way of revealing your playful side. After playing pool, the pair may decide to get a couple of drinks, share snacks and continue to chat at the bar.

Contributor: Samantha Merz

#4 Active Dating

Personally, I prefer active first dates so they take the pressure off of having it feel like an interview. Public places with other people for safety issues, especially when it's an online date are mandatory for me.

Some great suggestions include: 

  • Obviously walking/biking or birding the beach.
  • Bowling
  • Biking
  • Comedy clubs because there are breaks for you to talk in between and get to know each other. Also a good way to see what their humor style is.

Contributor: Shawnee Huie from @clearedrenterLA (Business Instagram)

#5 The Surprise Element

If you initiate the first date, have a plan first. Nothing is worse than the back and forth so what do you want to do? Give them the time and date to be ready (that works with their schedule ofc) and get ready to sweep them off their feet.

Contributor: Jade Shenker from

#7 Comedy Clubs

Instead of a movie, try a comedy show. It will be a lot livelier and more interactive, plus you will get to know your date’s sense of humour, which is one of the key aspects that bonds partners and creates the basis for a long-term relationship.

Contributor: Alice Wood from

#8 Quiz Nights

If you feel like going out for a drink on the first date, check out the bar quizzes in town. Answering questions as a team means sharing a lot of random information that could help you get to know your partner from unexpected angles. Do they know the lyrics of every Britney Spears song? Or maybe they prefer classical music? It’s time to find out.

Contributor: Alice Wood from

#9 Dog Walking Dates

Do you have a dog? Why not invite your date for a chilled walk in a park, followed by a picnic with picturesque surroundings! Bringing a dog along will relieve the stress of meeting a person for the first time, plus will introduce a whole array of topics to talk about to avoid awkward silence moments.

Contributor: Alice Wood from

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