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‘Decades’ is the debut album to be recorded and released by the hugely talented band ‘Front Porch Session Players’ and is easily one of the freshest examples of folk music that the entire industry has thrown out in recent years. With over two years of work stacked into it, the album is a shining example of talent, passion, enthusiasm and skill coming to the fold from some of the most talented individuals you’re likely to find in the genre…

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#1 Music From The Soul


Folk music has easily one of the grandest and most long standing histories of any genre of music out there, stretching back hundreds and hundreds of years and constantly shifting and evolving as time has gone on. Built almost entirely from the hearts and souls of its composers, there is arguably very little scenes or genres in the industry that can compare with the level of emotional investment folk musicians put in.

The spirit of this proud genre translates beautifully across the entirety of this album, from the 'Take What I Can Get' at the the top of the album, to 'On A Tide' at the album's conclusion.

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#2 Falling For Music

In 'Decades' we have the emergence of a band who have clearly completely fallen for folk music as a genre and are committed to bringing that out in their music. The energies and enthusiasm that translate from 'Decades' is enough to make even the strongest naysayers of the genre to not only fall in love with it, but fall in love with the band and their sound as well.

'Louise, Louise', 'Summer', 'Lover Who Knows' and 'Desperado' should all be given particular praise for their ability to convey the spirit of an entire genre, whilst simultaneously throwing up an exciting level of variety and originality in how they're all written.

In fact, each and every song on the album feels fresh and invigorated, bringing a whole new level of life to the folk scene that should be enough to excite any potential fan. From the latino-driven pulsating sound of 'Desperado' to the whimsicalness of 'Lost', 'Decades' is an album that promises to never get old with how original and varied it can be.

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#3 Charm And Elegance

The charm and elegance of this soundtrack should hoover up plenty of listens, fans and plaudits from existing folk fans and newcomers to the genre alike. As a soundtrack, its ability to sound fresh and original with every listen shouldn't be underrated or looked over either. New messages, stories and emotions can be discovered with each listen; in short, this is an album that has so many potential layers to unlock.

Listen to 'Decades' here: 

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Written by James Metcalfe

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