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Personalise Your Workspace With These 6 Great Tips

Studies have shown that personalising your workspace allows for greater output and higher levels of productivity throughout the working day, meaning that there is plenty to be said for adding your own touch to your desk. Below are some of the best tips for personalising your workspace by leading experts in the field, all of which will make you happier at work and far, far more productive while you’re there.

#1 Inspirational Quotes


The best way to personalize your workspace is to display meaningful quotesĀ that really mean something personal to you. I find that I not only feel asĀ though my desk is my own space, but it also motivates me throughout the dayĀ to have these gentle reminders of why I do the work that I do.

Contributor:Ā Amber MascioriniĀ from

#2 Tapestries

I've always worked in cubicle space and find the best way to personalizeĀ the walls is to purchase a tapestry or fabric in bright colors or patterns,Ā then pin it over the boring, grey fabric walls.

This really helps to brighten, and personalize the space without beingĀ permanent or adding clutter to your desk.

Contributor: FindCorinn Ploessl on LinkedIn

#3 Photos

To personalize my workspaceĀ I do a few things. I have a few pictures of my family on adventures we'veĀ taken. For instance, one picture shows us on a trip to Spain. This remindsĀ me to stop and enjoy the good things in my life.

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#5 Keep It Clutter Free

Of course, personal photos are great as well of friends and family, but it'sĀ important to make sure that your desk is personalized yet clutter free. IĀ keep little personal touches that won't interrupt my productivity byĀ becoming too distracting and space-hogging.

Contributor:Ā Amber MascioriniĀ from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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