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Is Print Media Dying Out?

The future that lies in wait for printed forms of mass media has been spoken about extensively, with various experts and everyday consumers pondering what fate is in store for such forms of media in a world driven by instantaneous technological alternatives. Below are the opinions of just a couple of leading experts in the field.

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#1 Longevity


Video did not kill radio and the Internet will not kill print media either.  Print will have a role for better researched, longer thought pieces and stories that have longer lives than real-time relevance.  Not everything must be read now and commented on today.  Some people still like to hold books and newspapers, reading magazines on the beach, etc.  The market may shrink but it will not disappear.

Contributor: Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO from

#2 Innovations

It's an inevitable conclusion that like most technology, the advent of one tends to diminish the use of the other. Reviewing all technological changes and revolutions this occurrence is a natural result. So unless we were somehow forced to turn back innovations, the obvious answer based on history is yes, print media will eventually find itself replaced by the electronic media -- at least in first world countries.

Contributor: Michelle L Gamble from 

#3 Shifting Numbers

As an author, I am very aware of what is happening with print media in all forms. I don't know that it will actually die out, but it certainly is reducing every year. Newspapers have laid off considerable numbers of staff, the print edition of some magazines has disappeared. In my opinion, there are a few factors. Online editions can quickly update developments and articles, the current generations do not have the connection to print that previous ones did when the only alternatives were radio, TV and many years ago, week old movie news. But cash is king, and reduced advertising revenues equals less income for the print media. There will be diehards who only rely on print, but the numbers have shifted radically.

Contributor: Morgan St. James from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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