4 Warning Signs That You’re About To Be Fired

Being let go is undoubtedly a life-altering and equally shattering occurence for anyone in the working world, no matter their sector or position. Losing an income can pose issues on its own of course, but arguably the damage to one’s self-confidence or belief can be the real hinderance moving forward; this is especially true if the firing had come out of left field and surprised you.

Below are some of the most vital warning signs shown by team leaders across the board and have been selected by experts with first hand experiences of such signs.

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#1 Responsibilities Are Taken Away From You

You’re no longer doing tasks that you used to do. These were most likely taken from you and given to your manager.  Your managers stop inviting you to meetings you used to be part of. You’re essentially being kept out of the loop on purpose.

Your opinion is also no longer asked for / considered on key issues. Similar to the exclusion of meetings as above.

Contributor: Michael Sunderland from

#2 Looking For A Reason


In my experience, whenever your employer gives you tasks that are harder than you are able to do, especially without preparation, they are looking to fire you.  They are hoping you will mess up and give them a reason to let you go.  When you get to that point, it's probably too late to turn it around, so take it as a warning sign and prepare yourself.

Contributor: Adam Cole from

#3 Changes In Tone

People you normally are cool with start to get distant and weird.You're not invited to meetings you'd normally be included on. People's conversations change, they start talking around you, and the tone feels different, like it's very clear there's an elephant in the room 

Contributor: Robert Dean

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Written by James Metcalfe

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