9 Thoughtful Ways To Make Someone’s Day

Whether it be one small act of kindness or a positively huge piece of generosity, we can all play our part in brightening up the days of those around us. With most acts of kindness below requiring very, very little effort or strain there are seldom few excuses as to why we can’t all learn from these expert-picked suggestions listed here.

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#1 Humour

One of the ways I like to make someone's day is with humor.

I typically make a point of finding humor in daily living. Most recently I bought some green spray paint at Walmart to paint a small bench in my backyard. Upon reaching check-out, the cashier asked for my ID. Asking why she needed this, she said folks often buys it to huff and get high. Showing her mine, I told her that I was not the most graceful chick, that it would be easy to detect if I was huffing as there would be green spray paint in my nostrils, my eyebrows, hair, etc. Picturing that, she burst out laughing as did I. I suspect every time she sells spray paint from now one, she smiles.

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#2 Notes

Whether at home or in the office, leave someone little post-it-notes telling them how much you appreciate them.

When my daughter was younger and lived at home, she would surprise me and leave such notes all over the house. I would find them in the refrigerator, on my bed pillow, or when lifted up the toilet seat cover. Some of the best I received from her was when I was traveling. Among other places, they would be tucked inside my luggage or my airline ticket. Those little messages of kindness helped make my travels be less stressful and always lifted me up.

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#3 Take The Time

We were in a small diner on Veteran's Day and there was a gentleman there that obviously patronized that restaurant frequently; all of the employees knew him. We paid for his lunch and spoke to him as we were leaving.  The tear in his eye said it all. That was a small gesture on our part, but the message it spoke to him was huge.

On another occasion, we noticed an older gentleman dining alone.  He looked sad.  You never know what one is going through, he may have recently lost his wife and felt alone or he could have just gotten a bad health report.  When his server told him that his meal had been paid for, he looked around with a tear in his eye to see who it may have been.

Paying for someone's meal anonymously is small, but to the recipient, it is huge, it makes them feel wanted and that someone cares.

Contributor: Cyndi McConnell from

#4 Smiling

I am a true believer of spreading positivity in every act we do, big or small. I honestly feel that we can impact anyone’s day or even life with just a smile. Whenever someone has helped me at a grocery store,bank or served me in a restaurant, I always give a big genuine smile and say the sincerest thank you I can. That person can be having the worst day ever and just by doing this, I might have lifted their spirit. 

I’ve even taught my children to treat everyone with genuine kindness, to the point that if we are at a restaurant and they felt that the waiter was kind, they would write a small note on the receipt thanking them for such a great service and experience. 

Contributor: Sophia Rosario-Lopez

#5 Sharing Stories

The warmest feeling is being reminded we are human. A human story, no matter the subject matter, is relatable to everyone in some regard. And this is wholly unexpected. Strangers, even close friends, hardly ever, truly express themselves. Tell a completely unadulterated truth, a pure experience, an abreaction maybe. This is an incredible way to make someone's day.

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#6 Support

The best way to really make someone's day is to notice when they need you. When someone says wow you really made my day that's often because they were having a bad day. So keep your eye out, and if someone seems like they are unwell, the best thing you can ask is are you okay or even how are you. So few people ask these questions genuinely that having conversations and being there for someone can really make their day.

Contributor: Bryn Gelbart from

#7 Little Gifts

Leaving a small gift for them, like a small arrangement of flowers or bowl of succulents, a mini box of chocolates, a coupon for $5 at Starbucks, one or two balloons tied to their chair, a gift card for a free lunch, a sweet card that tells them why you appreciate them, a certificate of appreciation for something they've done, a silly baseball cap, a small token of their hobby or sport, a movie ticket, a new specialty pen, a silly snow globe.

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#8 Invites

You can offer to take them to lunch, invite them out for an event, offer to help them move, offer to walk their dog, give them a certificate for a massage, give them a bottle of wine or spirits if they drink alcohol, donate to a charity in their name, buy them a membership in something fun, or have a pizza delivered to their home.

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#9 Saying Good Morning

I think a great way to make someone’s day is something as simple as saying good morning and asking them how their day is going?, people do not take the time anymore to interact in person and become so engulfed with their phones. A simple good morning in person goes a long way and may be the only positive attention they’ve gotten from anyone that day

Contributor: Jovica Grey from IG Greys Counseling Services

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Written by James Metcalfe

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