5 Great Ways To Enjoy A Family Night In

Family time can be hard to come by in an age dominated by work, deadlines and schedules, so making the most of it can leave some scratching their head over what might be the best idea for an evening that brings everyone together and balances out such things as conversations and relationship-building with pure, entertaining fun.

Below are five of the best ideas on the web for those hoping to make the most of their nights in with their beloved family.

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#1 Family Cooking

We LOVE cooking competitions at our house. Our favorite night in, by far,is a hotdog making contest. We arrange every condiment you could think of,and get to town making our most creative dogs ever. We've seen breakfast dogs, dogs with jelly (surprisingly good), bacon wrapped dogs, hot dogs with 15 toppings, you name it. After the taste test, we all vote on the winner, who gets to pick the movie we watch!

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#2 Theme Nights

We love to have theme nights. Right now we do #PizzaFriday and we're making our way through 90s favorite movies from my childhood. We also pick games and make popcorn.

It's also fun to do things like an outdoor fire with s'mores or snow cones. Aim for 2-3 hours of time, especially during the school year when Fridays are a bit exhausting!

Put it on the calendar to make it feel extra special for the kids! Hype it up all week, too!

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#3 ‘Get To Know You’ Card Games

Our conversation-starter card games are designed to get people talking and laughing. Great for people and families who enjoy great conversations and great laughs! The game consists of 150 cards containing really great get-to-know-you questions. While nothing is inappropriate or risqué, we did design KIC-Start specifically for kids. KIC stands for Kids in Conversation, and our goal is to teach kids the art of conversational curiosity.

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#4 Laughs And ‘Carpet Time’

For us, family night always include sitting on the floor with lots of pillows and good laughs. We get silly by using a Zendoway Cube - particularly the Affirmations cube, which has fun dancing and singing prompts with an emphasis on self-love. If you don’t have a cube you can always start off the evening with an arts and crafts project making your own cube with surprise prompts on them.

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#5 UNO

Families are so busy these days. One kid has activities after school and the other has activities after dinner. Family time is hard to manage. I suggest if this describes your family, then set aside one evening a month for dinner without electronics at the table. Then after dinner, get out card games that everyone loves. My family loves to play UNO. Even if a beginner, it’s easy to catch on easily and it brings out the fun competitive nature of everyone involved.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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