Rejection: 5 Great Ways To Move On From Being Turned Down

However much we might not want it to be so, being rejected by that special someone in their life is a natural part of most people’s progression. Instead of moping, you should see it as an opportunity for character building and a way of improving one’s self. Rejection is one of the single-most destructive events that can occur to someone.

These 5 great expert-sourced tips will help anyone experiencing rejection flip around their perspective until they are moving on with the best possible outlook.

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#1 Don’t Take It Personally

When you ask someone out and they turn you down, the best thing you can do is not take it personally. You have to remember that life is a game full of rejection. Even the best ideas and the best looking people get turned down, and unfortunately, you're no different. In fact, many people who develop a crush on someone never garner the courage to ask the person out, so the fact that you did already puts you ahead in the game.

Contributor: Dr. Alok Trivedi from

#2 Lessons To Be Learned

Look for the lesson. Did you come on too strong, too arrogant or too insecure? Perhaps there's another way to approach the next prospect with more confidence, more humor, more compassion. Use this experience to learn about yourself and how you come across. Then try some other ways to open the dating door.

Contributor: Rosalind Sedacca from

#4 Improve Yourself

You must always respect the other person's decision - but do not take it personally. You probably took them by surprise, or the timing was wrong for them. Do not pester them, but now they know you're interested you must endeavor to improve your image in their eyes.

Contributor: Lloyd R R Martin, author. 

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Written by James Metcalfe

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