Celebration: 5 Great Ways Of Celebrating That Perfect Day

Just had one of the best days of your life? One of those days where everything seems to fall into place with ease and your good mood carries you through the entire time? Knowing how to properly celebrate such an occasion can seem like a bit of a headache for some, which is where (hopefully) this article comes in handy in terms of jogging on the creative brain cells and giving you the perfect way of celebrating that perfect day.

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#1 Classic Conversation

My wife and I both work full time jobs and have our own side hustles, so we when we have a successful day, it’s big. To celebrate, I’ll come home from work to my wife (who works from home full time) and we usually get talking right away about why our day was a success.

During this time, we both put our phones down and stop anything we were previously doing and give each other our full, undivided attention. We talk about why our day was successful, what we did to specifically to make it that way, what we learned to help turn our day around (if it started out bad), etc. This is special for us because sometimes it’s the only time during the day to sit and chat uninterrupted.

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#2 Eating Out

To celebrate a successful day I love to go out to eat. My favorite dining experiences are Korean BBQ restaurants, especially those that are all-you-can-eat Hot Pots and BBQ. I have two girlfriends I especially like to go to these places with. One doesn't eat red meat, the other is on the Keto diet. So these places not only give us the opportunity to order what we can eat. But because we are grilling, we can sit and chat for 2 to 3 hours without feeling pressure to leave, and we all leave very full both in our bellies and our spirit as we have just caught up in perhaps months of past news.

It's the best way to really celebrate a day that just felt great, even if it was the smallest of victories. (It's also a great way to unwind on tough days.)

Contributor: Jessica Quintero from justrightfamilycafe

#3 Stay On The Grind

Celebrating a successful day is grinding even more. When your up, use that energy to drive forward hard! We will all have those bad days when we are gassed out. That is why we need to ride the momentum while it is carrying us. It is much easier to swim with the tide than against it!

Contributor: Chris Cucchiara from personaldevelopfit

#4 Cooking

Many people celebrate with a great happy hour or a dinner out on the town, I however, celebrate by coming home and making my family a great dinner so that we can all sit down around the table and share our day with each other, laugh and eat great food.

Contributor: Alina Freyre from alinafreyre 

#5 Reflections

Including celebration each day can actually help us enjoy the journey, and actually create more sustainable habits. So, here's a tip that I do with all of my clients. It's called 1 let go, 1 prous, 1 grateful. At the end of EVERY single day, write down 1 thing you are letting go of that didn't go the way you hoped. Then write down one thing you are celebrating that you are proud of from the day. Lastly, write down one thing for which you are grateful in that moment.

This exercise allows us to acknowledge what didn't go as planned for the day, while bringing the focus back to the positive, back to what IS going well. It's a great way to put the mind to rest at night. A bonus would be to share your journaling with someone else too!

Contributor: Tessie Tracy from tessietracy

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