How Does Coffee Help Your Working Day?

Consumed everyday in various forms and quantities by millions of people right across the globe, coffee has become the number one beverage of choice for anyone hoping to kick their day off in the right way. But are its effects as prominent as people make out?

We spoke to several individuals who have all involved coffee in their day to day routines in an attempt to work out how much of a help coffee can be for your everyday tasks.

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#1 Lifeblood

Coffee is my lifeblood. I typically get into the office at 8am or before, and wouldn't be able to function if it weren't for coffee. Granted, I may be a bit caffeine dependent, but coffee definitely helps me get going in the morning. Rather than staring blankly at my screen, it helps me start my mornings. I am much more productive and able to tackle the morning's tasks when I've had a cup or two of coffee.

Contributor: Carissa Flinders, Social Media Community Manager at

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#2 A Juggling Act

Truthfully, I don't know if I could get by without coffee. Between two young kids, three side business ventures, a full time job, and maintaining a 4.0 GPA finishing my degree, I've given up a lot of things from my old life to make it work. Coffee hasn't been one of them.

I've noticed a trend recently of craving a third cup during the day, and sometimes I give in.

Contributor: Jacob Murphy from GPSTrackingMadeEasy

#4 An Inevitable Crash

I used to drink multiple cups of coffee and thought I couldn't get through the day like without it. As time went on, my tolerance kept building and I had to counter this by drinking much more coffee. I started noticing that by 2-3pm I'd crash hard. Every single day. It got to the point where I dreaded the afternoons because I always felt incredibly sluggish, slow and restless.

I tried to go without coffee, but it was hard. My first two times I tried to quit I tried cold-turkey and suffered. Within a week both times, I started drinking coffee again.

Contributor: Joe from brain zyme

#5 Focus

Coffee helps me stay focused and increase my alertness in the morning. It also cuts out my hunger for longer if I am trying to get a project done or be productive without stopping to take the time to eat. I'm not advocating people use coffee to eat less all the time, but at times it can be helpful when in a time crunch or when you have a need to focus.

Contributor: Stacy Caprio from fiscalnerd

#6 ‘Super Healthy’

We’ve heard it for decades. Coffee stunts your growth. Coffee isn’t healthy. Um, yes it is, it’s actually crazy healthy. It has antioxidants, cleansing properties, lowers your risk for diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and even colorectal cancer. It also cleans your liver, can help treat depression, and can help prevent Parkinson's.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from mapleholistics

#9 Caffeine

I used to be super sensitive to the caffeine and could only handle about a 1/3 of a cup. Due to this sensitivity, I'd only use it on necessary occasions (the late night paper,to give me an extra boost at work when I was really drowsy, etc.).

Then came my move to NYC and a fast-paced job to go with it (not to mention access to free cold brew on tap, an espresso machine, and limitless brewed coffee). Here my coffee habit started to kick in and ever since, has been an absolute staple to my day. Every morning when I get into work it feels unnatural not to fix myself a cup of cold brew and sit at my desk. In fact, if the cold brew keg is kicked, I feel sluggish and as if half of me is missing. The taste, the immediate kick of energy, all bring my work day to a start (and cozy weekends)! I do feel I am at a point where I need coffee as much as I need my oxygen.

Contributor: Ciara Hautau from fueled

#10 Cutting Down

Coffee does help my working day; but only to an extent. In my experience, caffeine can both be a savior and destroyer to your productivity. Earlier, I used to chug as many as 10 cups of coffee a day to get the caffeine kick and keep my eyes open to compensate the 4-hour sleep schedule I managed as an entrepreneur. But soon I realized that increasing caffeine intake isn’t a good strategy for lost sleep and I must figure out an alternative.

Now, I have capped my coffee intake to 4-5 cups a day and it’s one of the best decisions taken in my professional life. Moreover, the amount of sleep has also stretched to 6 hours. I sip a cup of coffee in morning only and when the urge to consume caffeine hits, I settle for healthy alternatives such as herbal tea or fresh orange juice.

Contributor: Ketan Kapoor from mettl

#11 ‘Liquid Healthy Vitamin’

Coffee is my number one thing that I must have to start the day! It is almost like my liquid healthy vitamin but not so much healthy when adding the creamer and sugar. Drinking coffee during the work day actually helps me focus and it provides a sense of energy with good vibes. It brings out the best results when I work on projects that require attention and focus. When I do not have coffee, my concentration is disturbed because the coffee is like a boost for me.

Strange thing about drinking coffee is that I am able to drink the strongest version of coffee and still manage to have a good night's rest. I have tried to cut off coffee from my diet but it only made things worse since my concentration level was poor and it reflected in my work at times. Drinking coffee to increase productivity is my truth!

Contributor: Paula Orezi from teespring

#12 Breezing Through The Day

I’m a 21-year old working a full-time job as a Brand Manager. I usually get in the office around 7am. I’m solid from about 7-12pm every day but then get a cold brew with a shot of espresso at the local starbucks by our office just about every day at lunch.

Needless to say - I’m usually pretty damn ready to go after that and can easily breeze through the rest of the work day with both energy and focus.

Contributor: Luke Bockenstette from fcgoods

#13 A Certain Reliance

Initially I stuck to a strict regimen of 1 coffee a day before midday.

But now I've moved to later evenings working and mornings at my laptop, I've become what I'd always feared. Someone who relies on coffee. I'm not sure if it's the heat that has also contributed, but my brain cannot engage with writing thousands of words, or teaching to tens of kids, without a black, steaming ignition switch.

I'd love to kick the habit or cut down, but I'd be genuinely concerned I'd slow down too much!

Contributor: Eddie from supplement devil

#14 Signalling The Start Of The Day

Coffee definitely helps my working day! I live on a lake and get up between 5-5:30. I go out in my kayak or on my paddle board to enjoy the sunrise and then I get home to start the day. 

The smell of brewing coffee signals to me that the day is about to begin and triggers my mind to begin the to-do process. That first warm sip is a positive reinforcement and something I look forward to and begin to think about on the lake. Coffee, for me, is less of an addictive beverage and more of a ritual. That ritual starts the day and drives me through the first course of my tasks.

Contributor: John Nania

#15 Part Of The Routine

For me, coffee is more about the routine than the caffeine. Since high school, I’ve made a morning cup part of the way I wake up, just like breakfast. When that routine is thrown off for some reason, it’s like forgetting to put your contacts in or brush your teeth – you’re just going to feel “off” until you’ve remedied the situation. Basically, I can’t focus until I’ve completed my routine.

Contributor: Kameron Jenkins from  kameron jenkins 

#16 Part Of The Office Culture

Coffee has always been an integral part of our office culture and me personally. Being in Miami, it's impossible to go a day without a shot of cafecito (strong cuban coffee). I start my day at 8am, and by 8:30am I need either an espresso shot or a cup of Keurig coffee. After lunch, when productivity is on the decline, I need another cup of strong American without anything in it to continue my day. Some recommend having 1 cup max/day, which is understandable, but I am personally far from getting there just yet.

Contributor: Artem Volos from

#17 Effects On Insomnia

As someone who once lived with insomnia (and who now runs a business that helps those who live with insomnia improve their sleep), I can attest to the power of coffee! At times, my morning coffee felt like the only thing that helped me start the day and get through the day. I found it impossible to be productive (especially in the morning) before drinking a couple of cups of coffee! These days, as my sleep has improved, I no longer feel as though I rely on coffee to start the day, but the flavor (and the caffeine content) certainly help me start the day on a positive note!

Contributor: Martin Reed from insomnia coach

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