Fashion Worlds: The Biggest Misconceptions Surrounding Fashion

One of the most well known and recognised industries around the globe, the world of fashion is certainly no stranger to misconceptions and assumptions surrounding it, and the people making their living in it. We spoke to several leading experts in the industry for their views and opinions on some of the biggest misconceptions they’ve found engulfing the fashion industry.

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#1 An Airy Discipline

The biggest misconception people have is that fashion is an airy discipline. In reality, there’s a lot of scientific progress happening within the field. Sustainability is a big key word, but science is an even bigger one. Fashion is inherently a scientific discipline; it’s noble, intellectual, and filled with some of the brightest minds. I’m proud to call myself a designer, and I continue to be amazed at what’s going on in the field.

Contributor: Misha Kaura from misha kaura

#2 A Global Community

I'm in the Middle Eastern fashion industry, and for a lot of Western readers, the misconception would be that we don't have a fashion industry in the Middle East! Fact is, that our fashion industry is thriving, and young, full of potential and often making global trends.

Contributor: Ibrahim Hanif from hessafalasi

#3 Embracing Others

One misconception would be that fashion industry is cut-throat and catty.

Truth could not be any more opposite, the attitude of creatives and professionals is that by inspiring and creating, we open the door for more creativity and originality. We have a good laugh about the image people have of fashion professionals.

Contributor: Ibrahim Hanif from hessafalasi

#5 Streetwear

People always relate fashion to women, but being in the streetwear scene, this misconception is the opposite. People assume that streetwear is something only for men. Due to the urban, relaxed, informal style of our clothing, people believe it is made only for men, as if girls can't have that sense of style aswell.

Contributor: The Boyz from New York Streetwear at the boyz from new york

#6 Lucrative For All?

Salaries are almost half of what they were 15 years ago in many major companies. Unless you already had millions of dollars BEFORE entering the industry, salaried fashion employees make less than most industries and mostly live in the most expensive cities.

Some so many people want to be in the industry, but fewer and fewer positions where companies are asking existing employees to do the work of 3-4 people to save money. Senior level positions get eliminated, and the same person gets invited to interview for a junior job (and salary) with the same responsibilities.

Contributor: Mariana from Msfabulous

#7 The Need For Experience

Contrary to what Hollywood believes, you can't just make up a look, and people think you are brilliant. Maybe someone occasionally lies their way into an event because a PR rep would rather err on the side of being polite, but in a job situation, lack of experience is VERY obvious. You can't fake knowledge about pattern making, store accounts, existing press contact relationships, etc.

Contributor: Mariana from Msfabulous

#8 The Glamour

Yes the industry is in the business of selling glamor, but 99% of most jobs have tedious functions, long hours, grunt work. If the public saw anyone working on a fashion week show the night before, you would see someone in their dirty clothes, u showered and haven't slept in at least a week.

Contributor: Mariana from Msfabulous

#9 Heels

We usually reserve heels for the runway. When we’re working around the office, a lot of us can be seen wearing sneakers, flats, or just about any other shoe that’s way more comfortable than heels!

Contributor: David Ambrogio, consultant for Hair Loft Studio at hair loft nola

#10 A Fair Industry?

Another misconception is that’s there is fairness in the fashion industry.

There could be a very talented designer that rivals the talent of a huge fashion house , but the buyers won’t take notice if its not a name brand… Small brands really struggle to be a voice. You need to have patience and intense perseverance to make your mark.

Contributor: Janet Howard from the martini factory

#11 The Need For Wealth?

Celebrities may be decked out in head-to-toe designer clothing, but that doesn't set the standard for what fashion is. Stores like Forever 21 and Zara constantly restock their shelves with trending and affordable clothing, making it easy for anyone to pick up a cute high neck bralette or denim jacket and style it to fit their personality. At the end of the day, fashion is about expressing yourself and being confident in your clothing.

Contributor: Allena Rissa from the better fit

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Written by James Metcalfe

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